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3804ArticleHoju Koolander@Caps 2.0 So basically you were "The Kid" from the movie and got to use Dick Tracy's name in real life? That's awesome! Maybe you should try to set-up one of your famous interviews with that child actor, Charlie Korsmo, since he was also in Hook and What About Bob? Mar 26, 2017View
4965ArticleMr Magic@Caps: Chorus: Just for the taste of it. Diet Coke! Alfred: Ahh.Batman 1989 Movie MerchandiseJul 03, 2019View
4180ArticleHoju Koolander@caseyjones It would be these days, that's for sure! Whatever happened to your collection?The California Raisins MerchandiseOct 20, 2017View
1794ArticleVaporman87@cbf: I can say that I do miss having a Wendy's salad bar, and that ever since the "Where's The Beef" campaign, the size of the burgers has decreased quite a bit. Food quality though, is still high if you ask me. Especially with the introduction of some of their new gourmet buns.My 6th Birthday PartyJan 15, 2015View
1766ArticleVaporman87@cbf: I think I would have tried to work out a deal where you "re-exchanged" the gifts after the passage of a little time. LOL. Of course, you would want to hide those gifts from your moms. Unless you just said "Hey... he said I could borrow it." Birthday Or BUST!Jan 07, 2015View
2671ArticleHoju Koolander@comic_book_fan Shady action figure business deals and trades deserve their own thread in the forums, I think. Glad to know your buddy "fessed-up" and that you returned the stolen Joes. Sounds like you were a trustworthy duo. @massreality So basically you were a member of the A-Team? Wrongly accused of a crime you did not commit. As a former fat kid I feel that girl's pain, but she should have just let it go and drowned her sorrows in another package of Dunkaroos like the rest of us. @Vaporman87 So what prompted the name change of your group and where was the best place to hide inside without getting caught?The Principal's OfficeSep 19, 2015View
1749ArticleHoju Koolander@comic_book_fan That's a pretty devoted brother, you have there. VHS tape transfer sounds like quite a procedure. I thought those X-Men video had the coolest cover design with that matte black finish and just the red in the image behind the X.Pizza Hut PromotionsJan 02, 2015View
1386Articlepikachulover@comic_book_fan That's too bad about your pneumonia. :(The Summer of 1995Oct 06, 2014View
2021ArticleHoju Koolander@comic_book_fan Yeah, it takes kids a while to understand the power of our words. For a short time I was jokingly telling people "I'll kill your family", then my buddy started saying it and almost got pummeled by a big guy who didn't get the joke. So "kill" was quickly dropped from our comedic repertoire. @AnEarly90sMan Glad you could relate, dude. Maybe you can share some of your memories with us in an article soon. After writing about it I showed some ProStars to my sports-obsessed son and he loved it. @vkimo Quite the metaphor there, you scholar you.SleepoversFeb 18, 2015View
1502ArticleHoju Koolander@comic_book_fan: That seems like a fair deal your Mom struck with you on that one. I had a similar situation regarding Married...With Children, my Mom was always saying, "Are you watching that Bundy again? If you start acting like that, it's going off." When Wrestling RockedNov 12, 2014View