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4120ArticleRick Ace Rhodes@blueluigi Other countries have hated us long before George W. Bush took office. The September 11th attacks were being planned as early the 1980's. Sep 12, 2017View
4119ArticleVaporman87@blueluigi: "Thanks to George W. Bush for making other countries hate us (and our current president, Donald Trump for that matter)." Please tell me you don't really believe that BS blue. Really? Wake up man. Please name a country that didn't already despise our way of life? G.W. Bush didn't even have time to do anything relevant before we were attacked. No... these places hate us for who WE are. Not who our President is. You can argue that Presidents have added to that hatred and I think that is a discussion worth having (in Obama's case I would argue he even appeased our haters which was stupid), but it's just ignorant to believe nobody hated us until G.W. Bush was President. Let's not forget that it was under Bill Clinton that these same people attacked the Trade Center the first time. Where Were You That September Day?Sep 12, 2017View
2215ArticleHoju Koolander@both I totally wanted to add Alyssa as she was incredibly mesmerizing to me at 7 years old (commercials for that Teen Steam workout video rocked my world) but unfortunately she was nobody's sister and did not qualify for the list. A case could be made that she was Angela's son's surrogate sister, I just didn't think it fit. Definitely agree with you though. Hottest TV SistersApr 13, 2015View
3804ArticleHoju Koolander@Caps 2.0 So basically you were "The Kid" from the movie and got to use Dick Tracy's name in real life? That's awesome! Maybe you should try to set-up one of your famous interviews with that child actor, Charlie Korsmo, since he was also in Hook and What About Bob?Antique Store Finds: Dick Tracy MemorabiliaMar 26, 2017View
4965ArticleMr Magic@Caps: Chorus: Just for the taste of it. Diet Coke! Alfred: Ahh.Batman 1989 Movie MerchandiseJul 03, 2019View
4180ArticleHoju Koolander@caseyjones It would be these days, that's for sure! Whatever happened to your collection?The California Raisins MerchandiseOct 20, 2017View
1794ArticleVaporman87@cbf: I can say that I do miss having a Wendy's salad bar, and that ever since the "Where's The Beef" campaign, the size of the burgers has decreased quite a bit. Food quality though, is still high if you ask me. Especially with the introduction of some of their new gourmet buns.My 6th Birthday PartyJan 15, 2015View
1766ArticleVaporman87@cbf: I think I would have tried to work out a deal where you "re-exchanged" the gifts after the passage of a little time. LOL. Of course, you would want to hide those gifts from your moms. Unless you just said "Hey... he said I could borrow it." Birthday Or BUST!Jan 07, 2015View
2671ArticleHoju Koolander@comic_book_fan Shady action figure business deals and trades deserve their own thread in the forums, I think. Glad to know your buddy "fessed-up" and that you returned the stolen Joes. Sounds like you were a trustworthy duo. @massreality So basically you were a member of the A-Team? Wrongly accused of a crime you did not commit. As a former fat kid I feel that girl's pain, but she should have just let it go and drowned her sorrows in another package of Dunkaroos like the rest of us. @Vaporman87 So what prompted the name change of your group and where was the best place to hide inside without getting caught?The Principal's OfficeSep 19, 2015View
1749ArticleHoju Koolander@comic_book_fan That's a pretty devoted brother, you have there. VHS tape transfer sounds like quite a procedure. I thought those X-Men video had the coolest cover design with that matte black finish and just the red in the image behind the X.Pizza Hut PromotionsJan 02, 2015View