Love is a battlefield, and I'm unarmed.
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2972ArticleHoju Koolander"We just robbed a bar", hilarious. This was a very engaging story with some unexpected twists and turns. You're a very talented writer, I am assuming you are also very attractive and have great taste in men. What do you say we get together this Halloween, get to know each other and you can bring that sleeveless Pebbles costume with you? Oh yeah we're already married, sooo, see you tonight? Congratulations on your first article, dear.  Oct 18, 2015View
695VideoMr Magic"Who forgot to pay the gravity bill?"Gex 2 demoJun 11, 2013View
1264ArticleNLogan"Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men? The Shadow knows!"Halloween Hallelujah!Sep 17, 2014View
751VideoBenjanime"written by david wise" wait... the same david wise that composed music for the game and donkey kong country? WHAT IS THISBattletoads cartoonAug 05, 2013View
724VideoMr Magic"You're gonna make it after all."Nick at Nite Very Very MaryJun 27, 2013View
4701Articlejkatz"Your mistletoe is no match for my TOW Missile!" Robot Santa rules.Favorite Movie and TV SantasDec 08, 2018View
676VideoBenjanime(hears blasto in the background)Playstation Interactive 6 introJun 03, 2013View
2786Articleonipar(Video also features decapitation!) :-p Thanks, Tony.The Unsung Heroes of HalloweenOct 06, 2015View
1496Articlepikachulover@ Hoju You're from Newport right? My dad grew up in the Valley as an adolescent and he surfed and skated. In the 1960s and 70s. I grew up in the valley too; the San Gabriel Valley. :P I never skated, but it had a stronghold on my high school in the late 90s early 2000s. I think I've been on a skateboard like 4 times in my life. I was more proficient on in-line skates and 4 wheeler skates. The skaters used to think I was a poser because I loved skater music, but I didn't skate. I also really liked skater fashion. Wallet chains, wide legged pants(which I still wear today), crop tops for girls, and of course skate shoes. It was funny in high school there was a surfer teacher from Long Beach and he used to say "Dude" a lot. We would make fun of him for talking like that. Skate or DieNov 08, 2014View
4583ArticleBenjanime@Adam Video Media: Chuck E. Cheese in the Galaxy 5000Oct 02, 2018View