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299ArticlevkimoYou're right about smells. I was at WalMart and got a whiff of marshmallows that totally took me back in time. Same thing with crayons. I'm also glad the pictures for re-sized. They were breaking the page in edit mode haha Feb 10, 2013View
4151ArticleHoju KoolanderYou're right, despite the constant fighting, comic book heroes do often represent the best ideals of humanity, even in the face of "evil". Spider-Man especially with The Lizard, Green Goblin or even Venom always tried to talk sense into his foes, understanding they were mentally unwell.My Super ChildhoodSep 24, 2017View
3854ArticleHoju KoolanderYou're right. I mean Marvel still has a lot of their movie characters on Doritos, Skittles and even Kleenex boxes around the time of movie release dates, but those are movie tie-ins, not the illustrated comic book characters promoting Go-Gurt for example. You see The Avengers everywhere, but it's like movie concept art. Meanwhile the original inspirations for the live action adventures are relegated to dollar store merchandise, it's a sad state of affairs indeed.Spider-Man Food Ads of the 90'sApr 24, 2017View
3575ArticleHoju KoolanderYou're video game stories are always the best. This doesn't beat your Nintendo story for strange acquisitions (no prisoners had a Genesis to sell this year, huh?) But it definitely wins for best emotional roller coaster and happy ending. Like so many of us here, I can relate on the divorced parents at holidays deal, but luckily my Mom's boyfriend's grandson was a cool kid and became one of my best friends, which helped smooth over the weirdness.A Very Sega ChristmasDec 13, 2016View
2143ArticleThatDudeintheHoodieYou're welcome :)Spring Break Growing UpMar 23, 2015View
447Articleshakin steakYou're welcome! As for the mission...I would if I still lived in the area and could get there with a ladder one summer day. Sorry to disappoint. :)MINOR TROUBLEFeb 25, 2013View
2718ArticlekidcoffeeYou've cranked the Halloween feels to eleven. Great read, sir.Forever Living in HalloweenSep 25, 2015View
3150ArticleVaporman87You've got everything from horribly gaudy (Christmas Vacation, A Christmas Story) to simple but special (Charlie Brown Christmas). A very nice selection here Hoju. My favorite is, of course, Charlie Brown's. Nowadays you can even purchase an actual reproduction of his tree for displaying in your home, complete with one single ornament. LOL. 5 Most Iconic Movie Christmas TreesDec 07, 2015View
3613ArticlemickyarberYou've hit the nail on the head here talking about the "other" side of Christmas. Like I wrote in an old article, for years and years I always put on my wish list a rock tumbler and a chemistry set that I saw in the Sears Wish Book, but I never got them. On the flip side, I usually got things I liked from relatives. I didn't have many that I got stuff from, but the ones I did, did a pretty good job.Christmas 64Dec 20, 2016View
2478ArticleVaporman87You've really brought back to mind all the wonderful things we miss about an arcade in the 80's and 90's in great and loving detail. It's funny how, in a time before the internet and worldwide connectivity, your experience in one arcade will be the same in so many ways in another hundreds of miles away. Like the routine of plopping down your quarter for "next". Such things transcended distance and social environment differences. And, each felt like it's own little "club". As though there was a camaraderie that was implied any time you crossed the threshold onto that gaudy carpeted floor. Many places that house arcades now are simply dens of rip-offery. Insert a dollar to play a game that is rigged to prevent you from winning that Nintendo DS calling out to you from behind the glass. In Gatlinburg, Tennessee I saw a glimmer of hope. An arcade with a machine that combined the greatness of the past with the redemption craze of today. A giant Pac Man game that played like the classic, but was recrafted to make the goal winning as many tickets as you could. The more points, the more tickets. If they could do this with several hundred more classic titles, an whole new arcade concept could be invented. But so far that is the only title I've seen to incorporate that idea. The Mall ArcadeAug 07, 2015View