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3782ArticlemunkysrenchYeah, Butterfinger was your crack addiction back in the day, lol. Hands down your favorite candy bar of all time as a kid.  Mar 16, 2017View
4344vhsCoverVaporman87Yeah, could be better quality. I didn't realize it was so blurry when I was approving this batch.The Abyss (1989)Apr 06, 2018View
2125ArticleVaporman87Yeah, Danny was not a humorous character. More of a straight, squeaky clean type who helped keep the others grounded. Top 5 TV Dads of the 80'sMar 20, 2015View
2941ArticlemassrealityYeah, everyone really hates the whole Mark of Thorn storyline. I actually didn't mind it and liked that they continued it in the comics. It's a shame I don't hate it, because if anyone had a reason to hate it, it would be me.The Michael Myers ConnectionOct 15, 2015View
2081ArticleSegaFanaticYeah, exactly! Haha!The Dinosaur KidMar 17, 2015View
1504ArticleHoju KoolanderYeah, going to the Laser Tag arenas is pretty fun. The people who just hide out as "snipers" are lame, but most everybody is on the move and you never know who is around the next corner. My friends and I used to strap-on the laser tag gear to battle each other at a local elementary school around 9am at night rather than pay the $5-$10 a person.Laser-Daze: Photon vs Lazer TagNov 14, 2014View
1032ArticleMissMYeah, he was a bit short changed with this article. I never had him and really all I knew of him from the vintage toy was the commercial. I liked the idea of him being created into all these parts. Glimmer was a fun toy and I loved reading about your memories with your sister. I liked rooted hair too, but I was never one for brushing it. I hated brushing doll hair and I love hair! I was always annoyed that the hair would never look the same as before. But there was something also realistic about rooted hair that made the toys seem more real. I don't know if that makes any sense. I am glad you posted this comment!Guided by Light and Tales of a 1,000 ToysMar 06, 2014View
1210ArticleHoju KoolanderYeah, her article on C.U.T.I.E.S is what got me thinking about the other toys of that size from back int he day. That's the great thing about this site, we can spark those memories in each other with our own.The Mini & The MightySep 07, 2014View
4555ArticleBenjanimeyeah, i actually just found that out after submitting the article, so bizarre haha. on an unrelated note i don't think i could get used to hearing chuck e. sing lol.Lost Video Media: Chuck E. Cheese in the Galaxy 5000Sep 17, 2018View
1650ArticleVaporman87Yeah, I actually transferred quite a few over to CD's, but having them on a memory card of some kind would also be a good idea.My Christmas 1982Dec 15, 2014View