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1416Articlepikachulover@Hoju I remember the times I went to Elvira she was set up near the bumper cars. Her merchandise would be for sale after the show. It was mostly makeup. Too bad about that ride. I heard it had to be closed down because the roof caved in. The park should really do something with it. Even if they have to knock it down. It's in a good location and it has a lot of potential. They could expand the arcade or put a store there or something.  Oct 10, 2014View
4143ArticleSuperman@Hoju - A child's imagination is a wonderful thing indeed. I sometimes wonder what made me think up such twisted storylines.The Adventures of Junior, the World's Greatest Cat DetectiveSep 22, 2017View
2014Articlevkimo@Hoju - I think you said it best in your Quest for Playboy article where it was a taboo rite at first and now it's like a bowl of Werther's at grandmas just there for the takingSleepoversFeb 17, 2015View
1825Articlevkimo@Hoju - Sadly no Barry Bonds :( But I did have that hockey puck for a number of years before losing it.Aladdin's Castle B-Day Jan 23, 2015View
1536ArticleVaporman87@Hoju - That was something that I was glad Filmation did with He-Man... make his show more than just a half hour advertisement. Mattel probably would have settled for anything as long as they were getting time on tv for their property, but Filmation cared about these characters and took time to delve into their backstories, world history, relationships, struggles, etc. and they did it on a very limited budget and with very limited time. They were expected to pump out 65 episodes a year! How do you do that and still manage to make all those elements work? Ask Filmation, because that's exactly what they did. Mattel didn't place "By the Power of Grayskull" in our vernacular... Filmation did. Filmation made He-Man just as much as Mattel. 80's Cartoons: An Animated DiscussionNov 28, 2014View
3638ArticleSuperman@Hoju - Yeah, he really was a great grandpa, and it is kind of nice to be reminded of him whenever I see a snowman, even all these years later.The First Snowman I Ever BuiltDec 26, 2016View
2088ArticleSegaFanatic@Hoju @Vaporman No, I have never had any more encounters with the kid, although I'm very curious what he may be doing nowadays in life, I feel like he might work in drama plays or at a museum, and I can't decide why I feel this way.The Dinosaur KidMar 17, 2015View
1685Articlepikachulover@Hoju After the Cold War and 9-11. My list of Holiday songsDec 18, 2014View
3725ArticleRick Ace Rhodes@Hoju At Wrestlemania for the past few years they've held a battle royal where the winner gets the Andre the Giant memorial trophy. Big Show won it at Wrestlemania 31 in 2015. @Mr Magic Yeah, Owen Hart pretty much held everything except a world title. I'm guessing they never thought of him as world title material. @Vaporman I was shocked by some as well while doing research on this.8 Great Wrestlers Who Never Won The Royal RumbleFeb 06, 2017View
3442ArticleRick Ace Rhodes@Hoju Before the main ceremony, our class had to wait in the cafeteria, where we put on our gowns, signed the last of our yearbooks and such. A group of friends and I were sitting on one of the lunch room tables. And I don't mean the seats, I mean the actually table top. So at one point the principal comes in to make his final speeches before the ceremony. My friends jumped off the table and left me by myself. Now given my large size, and the fact that I was sitting on the end of the table, the opposite end of the table started to rise in the air. So then I jumped off, causing the table to come slamming into the ground, where a group of kids had to jump out of the way to avoid getting hit. Everyone's attention turned towards me, and then the principal said "Thanks for getting everyone's attention Mr. InsertLastNameHere". Needless to say I had to have one last embarrassing event before I checked out of high school.Childhood Embarrassment 9021-D'oh!Mar 14, 2016View