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3324Articlemassreality@demonpuppet87 - We think it was just old age. He was very old and was getting slow. He was an indoor dog, who loved being outdoors. We're not quite sure why he'd crawl under the house, unless it was just to escape the sun for a while.  Feb 09, 2016View
3342ArticleHoju Koolander@DirtyD79 That car mechanic role play sounds awesome, I never would have come up with that as a kid.Bunk BedsFeb 10, 2016View
2960ArticleNLogan@DirtyD79 the Winchester Mystery House has been on my bucket list for a while being interested both in the western history aspect of the firearm as well as ghosts, one day I'll make it. Cool you have a picture with Sarah Winchester! or old lady tourist or ruffled curtains. I think the pareidolia aspect is pretty cool how our genetics make us recognize shapes that appear like faces as both a nurturing thing as babies as well as a self preservation thing against predators or competitors hidden in the background or lurking in the bushes since the earliest times. The best example I can give is little kids looking at clouds and imagining shapes. In these cases those shapes are recognized by our visual cortex as faces and because they shouldn't be there obviously that means they have to be ghosts or divine figures on toast or trees, right? <img src=" Page_files/pareidolia_jesus.jpg"> What do you see in this late 19th century photo? A couple with a child in the middle wearing a cloche hat or bonnet, or the face of a divine figure in the middle?Searching for a Real Haunted HouseOct 16, 2015View
3577Articlevkimo@echidna Grape Escape is so sadistic looking back now haha. That's funny you mention Aliens, my brother had this weird thing where all he could write was "Aliens" he would scribble it everywhere. I always thought it was impressive since he was like 4 years old and could spell it correctly hahaChristmas ConundrumDec 14, 2016View
2378ArticleVaporman87@echidna: LOL. I used to believe that one day I would create a robot companion... out of cardboard. Also, I was pretty certain I could fly for just a split second whenever I jumped off the couch.Yesterdays: Things I DIDN'T Have As A KidJul 10, 2015View
2922ArticleVaporman87@echidna: That was just vkimo coming to lay with you because his wife kicked him out of the bed for snoring.Searching for a Real Haunted HouseOct 14, 2015View
2482ArticleVaporman87@echidna: There are still some arcades out there that have stuck to the classic business model, but they are few and far between and typically located in the heart of giant metropolitan areas. Which is exactly the opposite of where I live. LOL.The Mall ArcadeAug 07, 2015View
2397ArticleVaporman87@echidna: Yeah, cuz if there's anything kids loved more than comics, it was eating junk food! It's crazy to think how fast the comic book boom of the 90's came and went. It was a bubble that was looking to burst from the get go. Still, it brought about some great new talent and some awesome new heroes and villians, as well as some legendary stories. Wizard was at the heart of it all... a relic from a market we likely won't see again. Digital media has made that a certainty.1993 Comic Book Ads from Wizard MagazineJul 14, 2015View
5161ArticleBenjanime@echidna64 that's awesome, it sounds neat introducing newer generations of fans of the series to the older versions of it that we grew up with. yeah i agree that the anime began to wane around the johto episodes, just more of the same lol. one of the last episodes i watched was from i believe called master quest and ash's rival gary made one last appearance and they became friends after that. these new supporting characters just don't have the same charm as misty and brock.The Pok'emon Fad: The After YearsApr 01, 2020View
3008ArticleHoju Koolander@echidna64 Hey, send me a private message and we can talk about it. I'd be curious to hear some of your ideas and see if you could contribute down the road.Back To The Future MemoriesOct 23, 2015View