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2397ArticleVaporman87@echidna: Yeah, cuz if there's anything kids loved more than comics, it was eating junk food! It's crazy to think how fast the comic book boom of the 90's came and went. It was a bubble that was looking to burst from the get go. Still, it brought about some great new talent and some awesome new heroes and villians, as well as some legendary stories. Wizard was at the heart of it all... a relic from a market we likely won't see again. Digital media has made that a certainty. Jul 14, 2015View
3008ArticleHoju Koolander@echidna64 Hey, send me a private message and we can talk about it. I'd be curious to hear some of your ideas and see if you could contribute down the road.Back To The Future MemoriesOct 23, 2015View
2936ArticleNLogan@echidna64 Did a trip to San Diego not too long ago. Is the Gaslamp district in Old Town? We stayed there if so or near enough to eat at the restaurants there anyways. The creep factor of something in your bed is pretty cool. What do you believe it could have been now looking back? @Vapor don't knock snorers I myself am a professional and hold several titles having fine tuned my art to a near perfect chainsaw on concrete melody with a wet dry vac sucking wet leaves. I knew my wife was the one when we found out she could sleep right through my cacophonous nocturnal noises. I know what you mean about the history and imagination taking over in dilapidated places. I have had the creepy feeling lots of times just haven't ever been lucky/delusional enough yet with the supernatural. Searching for a Real Haunted HouseOct 14, 2015View
2432ArticleHoju Koolander@echidna64 I definitely cut up many a paper shopping bag to protect my text books. Mainly I did this so I could doodle on the outside to customize it. @pikachulover Glad you finally lived the dream in college. Those lead moochers must have been just as bad as the notebook paper freeloaders.Retro School SuppliesAug 01, 2015View
2696Articlekidcoffee@echidna64 I didn't say he wasn't without his flaws, but we all make mistakes.Hulkamaniacs Sep 21, 2015View
1956ArticleBenjanime@echidna64 i think that was pinface.Remembering RetroJunkFeb 10, 2015View
3271ArticleHoju Koolander@echidna64 Thanks for giving us a listen. More retro movie fun to come this week. @vaporman87 Noah's Ark, we totally blew it. That's the perfect artifact for the next sequel. The biblical ones are always a hit. @NLogan That's awesome that you were in the middle of the Indy storm. Indiana Jones MemoriesJan 11, 2016View
3619Articlemassreality@echidna64 Thanks, I really appreciate that.A Very Sega ChristmasDec 21, 2016View
2056ArticleHoju Koolander@echidna64 You're welcome. The Christmas Special was actually the result of a writer's strike. The 3rd season got cut short, so they threw together all those guest stars who had been asking for a chance to be on the show into that holiday madness. @Vaporman87 Yeah, his endless death scene was about the only memorable part of that movie. Pee-wee Herman Fun FactsFeb 27, 2015View
2206ArticleMissM@EISXUOIS you totally brought up a character that I had forgotten about! But I do agree, I was really upset when Nei died in Phantasy Star 2 as well! I always show a lot of love for Final Fantasy but I also loved playing Phantasy Star games, which are in many ways far more challenging. I didn't play PS2 until I was a little older. I actually played the 4th one first and then revisited the earlier ones as a teen and I didn't actually beat the second Phantasy until some time in my twenties? It was just a very challenging game. I still get chills thinking about being in a dungeon and knowing I won't make it out alive. And thank you for enjoying reading my experiences! I have a lot. lol @Hoju Koolander, I am so thrilled that I am not the only one that thought Samus was simply named Metroid. lol It just made the most sense. I blame the self titled games like Pac Man and Mario for this thought process. lol And there were a few things spoiled for me by Nintendo Power, but how I loved pouring through those issues! @Vaporman87 I can somewhat relate about being shocked by hearing the sound of a voice coming from a game. I think something like that as well as the animated scenes that would come in later on, I remember just being thrown for a loop at how much video games were changing with later systems in the mid 90's or so. And I have no doubt that I would have been in awe and a slight bit jealous of your MK arcade skills! Shock Me, Shock Me, Shock Me…Apr 08, 2015View