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374VideoMr MagicMy advice to guys who are new at this game is not to use Lisa as your starting character. Her jump-rope might be useful, but if you let her get tangled up in it, she's gonna be a target for the bad guys.The Simpsons Arcade GameFeb 19, 2013View
373VideoarizvegaI LOVE THIS GAME!!...The Simpsons Arcade GameFeb 19, 2013View
372ArticlevkimoGreat piece. I did a series on RetroJunk about retro rides. Top 30 Cars & Trucks from 80s Movies & TVFeb 18, 2013View
371VideoBenjanimebefore i left virginia in 2008 i saw that they still had a working cabinet in one of the downtown mall arcades, but it was waaaay in the back corner of the room. i never tried it but i watched one or two people play through the graveyard levelThe Simpsons Arcade GameFeb 18, 2013View
370VideoblueluigiI remember this trailer. Used to watch it all the time on my Toy Story VHS.Honey, We Shrunk Overselves trailerFeb 18, 2013View
369VideoblueluigiI remember back when my local swimming pool area started carrying the game in their arcade section, I used to play it a lot. There was also one time where I got a head start at the third level and I completed the game from there.The Simpsons Arcade GameFeb 18, 2013View
368VideoMr MagicRIP Don Knotts and Andy Griffith.The Andy Griffith Show - Preamble to the ConstitutionFeb 18, 2013View
367VideoMr MagicFunny 70's sitcom.The Odd Couple: The First BabyFeb 18, 2013View
366ArticleraptorI think when I get some time this week I'm going to sign up and start with something as close to my old character as I can remember. Should be a fun blast from the past.Meridian 59 RememberedFeb 18, 2013View
365ArticleraptorThis was a wicked list! Must be nice to have a vehicle from one of these properties (like the guy with the Better Off Dead Camaro). I'd like to own something like that. This was so much fun to read. Excellent man.Top 30 Cars & Trucks from 80s Movies & TVFeb 18, 2013View