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395VideoMr MagicToo bad they don't do uplifting commercials like these anymore.Kmart Commercial - 80'sFeb 21, 2013View
394VideoAceNThaHoleBlame it on Tom ArnoldRoseanne - Life and StuffFeb 20, 2013View
393VideoAceNThaHoleA really good flickGlengarry Glen RossFeb 20, 2013View
392VideoMr Magic"Alright ramblers, let's get ramblin'."Reservoir DogsFeb 20, 2013View
391VideoVaporman87Too bad Roseanne became a liberal nut job sociopath. lol She did such a good job playing a down to earth, blue collar mom.Roseanne - Life and StuffFeb 20, 2013View
390VideoVaporman87Watching this trailer instantly made me flash back to UHF and Wierd Al doing his best "Rambo" impression. The Rambo Trilogy On DVDFeb 20, 2013View
389Videoarizvega:)The Invasion of Nintendo - SNES PromoFeb 20, 2013View
388VideoarizvegaI love this game as a kid growing up...Tiny Toon Adventures for NESFeb 20, 2013View
387VideoarizvegaI LOVE RAMBO...The Rambo Trilogy On DVDFeb 20, 2013View
386VideoMr MagicI'm glad they changed the intro and replaced the actor for D.J.Roseanne - Life and StuffFeb 19, 2013View