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52Videoblueluigi1997? You're way off. This is more I think around 1989.Popeye Quaker Instant Oatmeal CommercialDec 12, 2012View
51VideoVaporman87My brother and I LOVED Toe Jam and Earl. In fact, we played through to level 17 just this past Thanksgiving 2012. It was still as fun now as then.Toe Jam & Earl CommercialDec 12, 2012View
50VideoVaporman87I did get to see a good amount of episodes of this series, as my younger brother was very interested in it. I think my interest in it grew out of his.TaleSpin IntroDec 12, 2012View
49VideoMr MagicI'm guessing this is from 1997.Popeye Quaker Instant Oatmeal CommercialDec 12, 2012View
48VideoVaporman87It seems funny hearing Peter (Optimus Prime) Cullen doing the voice work for a He-Man commercial. Or maybe it's oddly appropriate. Who knows.He-Man Commercial - OrkoDec 12, 2012View
47VideoVaporman87Is it blasphemous that I am a child of the 80's and have never watched this movie? Cuz I don't think so.Thelma And LouiseDec 12, 2012View
46VideoVaporman87This had to be the longest intro for a television series of ANY kind. At least it was different and interesting... the first 5 or so times you watched it. Pee-Wee's Playhouse IntroDec 12, 2012View
45ArticleVaporman87"This is my favorite autobot..." That's awesome. lol I feel like, while still the nerd, I must have grown up being the anti-shakin steak nerd. I had my paws into everything that had to do with cultural phenomenons of the day. I have the awful pictures to prove it.I totally missed out!Dec 12, 2012View
43ArticleBenjanimeit's almost the same for me here. i truly miss the days when games were just about the adventure and not how much memory you needed for a console or any of these flimsy system updates. i have taken interest in the 3DS though, as it just might be the last game console that i ever get, unless the wii u begins to have a huge library of underrated titlesThousand Arms (1999) ReviewDec 11, 2012View
42VideoVaporman87What kind of programming was usually aired during this slot?TNTs 100 Percent Weird Dec 11, 2012View