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540ArticleMatuX2Nice article,But what about Marilyn Manson I dont like the drugs (But the drugs like me)That is a hell of a video.Top 9 videos of 1999Mar 27, 2013View
539VideoMr MagicHeartwarming brother and sister bonding.Kix-Making DecorationsMar 27, 2013View
538Articleshakin steakCool, I gotta watch some of these videos now. I never had MTV so while I love music videos, I only know the ones from my favorite bands. So watching these will be a new experience for me.Top 9 videos of 1999Mar 27, 2013View
537ArticleVaporman87There were so many MOTU figures that were simply retooled versions of other characters that I think it eventually lead to the quick death of the line at that time. Think about it, all these other giant 80's properties are still selling big in big box stores, except He-Man. Now, you can still get brand new He-Man and The MOTU figures from, but the mainstream appeal of He-Man is just gone it seems.Favorite Unpopular Retro ToysMar 27, 2013View
535ArticleVaporman87Great. Now I can't get that "Take A Picture" song out of my head. LOL. Seriously though, this is a great list, and in my opinion it is a very good representation of the style of sound we heard leading up to the new millennium. While I myself was not listening to much of these songs (I was in a "heavy metal" phase at that time), I do know that some of these tunes were getting tons of airplay at the time. Thanks for this pikachulover!Top 9 videos of 1999Mar 27, 2013View
534ArticleVaporman87This was a fun read. Every teacher and class has it's own unwritten "requirements" in order to stay in their good graces. Sometimes this meant NOT being yourself. It puts me in mind of a few of my own high school teachers. Mr. Blaine was a mathematics teacher, and a Jehovah's Witness. Often, during Christmas and Easter seasons, students of some of his classes would feign ignorance of his religion and present him Christmas presents or Easter baskets. LOL. My art teacher was especially picky about the types of "art" you enjoyed. She tolerated me and my friend and our fascination with comic book art, only because we were probably some of the best artists in the school (keep in mind, my school was very small, so this should not be construed as bragging). She even let us repaint the mural on the wall behind her desk from a Prince - Purple Rain piece to a Star Wars piece. LOL. I think after our graduation she immediately let someone else cover up such nonsense. Thanks for this!Ghosts and GumshoesMar 27, 2013View
533VideoBenjanimeit's funny how these games were like $30 back in the day and now they're around $5 to $10 nowSuper Mario Land commercialMar 27, 2013View
532ArticleMatuX2Hey , this is a very good article , I know a lot of these look pretty awful but I kind of like Optimus Primul , But all the other ones look Horrid , I actually do have Disks of Doom Skeletor but he is in a very VERY bad ConditionThe Curse of the VariantMar 27, 2013View
530ArticleMatuX2Yeah the bob the goon figure is pretty crappy but i like it :), actually now that i think of it clawful is not really that Un popular , i should have put Tusken raider from the original Star Wars action figure series Favorite Unpopular Retro ToysMar 27, 2013View
529VideoraptorOzzy of this time period was hard core! Ozzy now is not so much. Ozzy Osbourne-The Ultimate OzzyMar 26, 2013View