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402VideoJoeBig contrast from his other song "Lady In Red". Never could figure out what would happen if you did pay the ferryman..Chris de Burgh - Don't Pay The FerrymanFeb 21, 2013View
401VideoBenjanime@vaporman87: i haven't tried it myself, but according to someone on a gaming messageboard, prior to selecting the summon nothing happens, and the game crashes a couple of seconds afterKingdom Hearts Early 2001 E3 TrailerFeb 21, 2013View
400VideoMr MagicStill waiting for Kingdom Hearts 3.Kingdom Hearts Early 2001 E3 TrailerFeb 21, 2013View
399VideoVaporman87I wonder if the player could actually witness the creature appearing/being summoned prior to the game crashing.Kingdom Hearts Early 2001 E3 TrailerFeb 21, 2013View
398VideoBenjanimethere are also places that you couldn't go that are shown in this trailer, two shown are the very top of captain hook's ship, and the disney castle which you wouldn't go to until kingdom hearts II. also, goofy and donald's usual cartoon clothes which were changed later on, but you see them worn on them during the ending cutscene. as one last note there was going to be a bahamut summon, bahamut being the dragon-type monster that's seen in final fantasy, but since the game already has enough to handle, it also couldn't be handled properly, according to the developers. there's a gameshark code to have the option to summon it, but it crashes the gameKingdom Hearts Early 2001 E3 TrailerFeb 21, 2013View
397VideoAceNThaHoleUHF was funny. Rambo was meh.The Rambo Trilogy On DVDFeb 21, 2013View
396VideoFulton4VKmart is still my favorite storeKmart Commercial - 80'sFeb 21, 2013View
395VideoMr MagicToo bad they don't do uplifting commercials like these anymore.Kmart Commercial - 80'sFeb 21, 2013View
394VideoAceNThaHoleBlame it on Tom ArnoldRoseanne - Life and StuffFeb 20, 2013View
393VideoAceNThaHoleA really good flickGlengarry Glen RossFeb 20, 2013View