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4286ArticleMr MagicOne thing that irked me about Full House was the inaccuracies. For example, in one episode Danny and Joey had an argument about Tom and Jerry. Joey: Tom was the cat, Jerry was the mouse, and neither one of them have ever talked. Whoever wrote that line hasn't seen enough Tom and Jerry cartoons.  Feb 13, 2018View
4287ArticlejkatzAs a Clash fan, it's always nice to seem them included in something. Not including Boston's "More Than A Feeling" is a considerable oversight in my opinion (unless you intentionally left it out because it's too popular or something)Top 80s Songs with Handclaps in themFeb 14, 2018View
4288ArticlejkatzThis article brought back memories of the martial arts classes that I took from the 6th to the 10th grade. My instructor had stacks and stacks of these magazines, as well as other cool magazines like Wizard and Heavy Metal. He had all the equipment mentioned here too..it wouldn't surprise me if this is where he ordered it from! I sure would like to see that Ninja movie advertised in the offer, but with such a generic title and no listed director, tracking it down will be tricky. I did find Douglas Ivan on IMDB though. I think. http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0411930/?ref_=fn_al_nm_1Retro Magazine RoundUp: Black BeltFeb 14, 2018View
4289ArticlemickyarberI just love going through old magazines, and you seem to have found a real winner here my friend. I never picked up an issue to take home, but I did flip through these on the magazine rack at the grocery store since they were right beside the wrestling magazines. Don "The Dragon" Wilson was also a commentator on some of the first UFC shows. He was part of the three-man team, and his role was to tell you just how dangerous each of the moves were being used by the fighters.Retro Magazine RoundUp: Black BeltFeb 14, 2018View
4290ArticleOldSchool80s@jkatz "More Than a Feeling" was released in 1976 but this list only included songs released in the 80s.Top 80s Songs with Handclaps in themFeb 15, 2018View
4291ArticlejkatzMy bad! I always assumed it was an 80s song (and even my mp3 file is labeled as such). Still, that's a very good reason for it not making the list.Top 80s Songs with Handclaps in themFeb 15, 2018View
4292ArticleFlixtheCatJrAnother good one: Steph's name is Stephanie Judith, DJ is Donna Joe Margaret, and Michelle is Michelle Elizabeth.My Five Favorite Full House Plot HolesFeb 16, 2018View
4293Articletwcfan92If you haven't seen it, there's a really funny blog called The Full House Reviewed. Some guy watched and reviewed every episode of the series. He hates the show, but manages to still be pretty funny and spot on with his observations. Most of which center around how lame most of Joey's jokes are and how they let Michelle do whatever the hell she wants. I don't recall ever seeing Jesse and Becky walking down the stairs to their apartment. Can you name one episode where this occurs? I totally missed conflict #2. Good ear! As for the flashback episode, I recall Danny showing a picture of DJ, but I don't recall him mentioning having two daughters (in what would have been the 70s). @Mr Magic - I've seen a number of Tom and Jerry cartoons (it was one of my favorites growing up). I don't recall them ever speaking to each other. When did this happen? Laughing, yes. Speaking actual words, no. At least not until a more recent version of the cartoon.My Five Favorite Full House Plot HolesFeb 17, 2018View
4294ArticleMr Magic"Speaking actual words, no." They've talked on different occasions. Like in The Zoot Cat, for example. They didn't speak to each other, but they still spoke.My Five Favorite Full House Plot HolesFeb 17, 2018View
4295VideoBenjanimethe name sounded familiar, but i've never seen it before. guess it's yet another anime i'll have to check into.Those Who Hunt Elves OPFeb 26, 2018View