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4261ArticlesquidbeeI understand your excitement at finding the elusive Pizza Hut dine-in restaurant. My wife and I were heading to a conference in Santa Fe earlier this year, and I would fill with joy at spotting the familiar rooftop as we passed through poverty-stricken towns. Unfortunately, once we got close to the buildings they were all shuttered or broken down. I have extremely fond memories of my local Pizza Hut, and I probably still carry around the calories from all the book club personal pan pizzas I ate as a child.I don't know who thought it was a good idea to reward a child with high-calorie food for performing a sedentary task.  Dec 31, 2017View
1662ArticleBarryBgbThis was great. I used to record stuff all the time too. I had so many tapes (close to 100) and it was an obsession. I had all of them too until this past year when I was finally able to let a few boxes go. What can I say? More space was needed. It was with a heavy heart, but I had to. Those were good times. E.T. is as magical now as it was then. Still gives goosebumps. I was 3/4 around the time, but I remember seeing it on the big screen. I had the lunchbox and a plastic mug that came with Reeses Pieces. Those were the days.My Christmas 1982Dec 16, 2014View
1671ArticleBarryBgbWhat a blast. Yeah, TRU was a big part of my childhood. The smell of plastic, rubber and other goodies that instantly hit you when you walked in. I spent a lot of time trolling those aisles looking at things I wanted and hoped to get. The pics in this article are amazing and really hit home. Sadly, the place was re-decorated and lost a lot of it's charm. It eventually closed and became Babies R Us. :(Timewarp: Toys R Us 1987Dec 17, 2014View
1672ArticleBarryBgbI remember this well. I was 10 that summer. Everyone was so excited for this movie. It was everywhere. I even remember the local news having stories about the movie coming out and the local excitement. I was already a huge fan of the Adam West show and had action figures and such. It was a good time.Batman '89 RememberedDec 17, 2014View
1673ArticleBarryBgbIt's so nice to finally see someone else mention "Twas the Night Before Christmas"! I love that one and no one seems to remember it. It was also nice to see "Dutch" getting some love. It was raked across the coal when it was released, but I've always found it to be enjoyable and fun. Ever since '94, I started making tapes for Christmas and Halloween. Taping things off the TV (and I still do!). I have 20 tapes each and some things that just aren't seen anymore. I'm so glad I started doing this. I have a lot to watch each year.What To Watch on ChristmasDec 17, 2014View
1687ArticleBarryBgbI love that you put a Weird Al Christmas song on there. I love both of them. "12 Pains Of Christmas" too. I'm not familiar with the others though.My list of Holiday songsDec 18, 2014View
3501ArticleVillechaizeLoveI was born in 1989, and I remember as a little kid, our McDonald's had those brown drive-thru menus for years! They only recently got rid of them. Also, I vaguely remember the styrofoam packaging... I get why they got rid of that, but I liked that packaging, kept everything hot, and the different colors were kinda cool, haha.Timewarp: McDonald's 1988Apr 03, 2016View
1925ArticleAdamTheVictiniI have a changeable!!!!!! it's the big mac one! in great condition too!Timewarp: McDonald's 1988Feb 09, 2015View
4581ArticleAdamTheVictiniCan we watch this somewhere for historical purposes?Lost Video Media: Chuck E. Cheese in the Galaxy 5000Oct 01, 2018View
1905ArticleSilvervixGreat article dude, I loved every word in it.Remembering RetroJunkFeb 08, 2015View