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2576vhsCoverTheboogiemanLove this cover art!!!This just happens to be my favorite movie of all time!!! Aug 29, 2015View
2577vhsCoverTheboogiemanBeing that Stephen King is my favorite author you know I am gonna love this one!!!Pennywise one badass clown indeed!!!ITAug 29, 2015View
2578vhsCoverTheboogiemanOne of Tim Burton's best films Michael Keaton gives a goofy,twisted over the top performance as Beetlejuice.A all time favorite of mine!!!BeetlejuiceAug 29, 2015View
2579vhsCoverTheboogiemanThis is my boomstick!!!Ash vs. Evil Ash and the deadites what,else do you need???Army Of DarknessAug 29, 2015View
2580vhsCoverTheboogiemanAnother slice of weirdness from Stuart Gordon staring the always entertaining Jeffery Combs and the sexy Barbara Crampton...From BeyondAug 29, 2015View
2581vhsCoverTheboogiemanThe Tall Man returns in this follow up to the classic Phantasm.Not a bad sequel I am always down for some Tall Man meyham!!!Phantasm IIAug 29, 2015View
2582vhsCoverTheboogiemanA true horror classic need,I say more!!!Texas Chainsaw MassacreAug 29, 2015View
2583vhsCoverTheboogiemanMy favorite Zombie movie of all time!!!Day of the DeadAug 29, 2015View
3875ArticleCyrogenicOf the all the books on this list, I've remember reading Just Go to Bed, Miss Nelson is Missing, and If You Give a Mouse a Cookie. I loved reading If You Give a Mouse a Cookie the most. Miss Nelson's fake substitute teacher creeped me the most, LOL.My favorite children's books growing upMay 03, 2017View
3984ArticleCyrogenicStar Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace rules. It wasn't the best Star Wars film or even the best film of the Prequels, but it is certainly my favorite of the Star Wars Saga and I'm tired of seeing nerds still trashing it along with the other two Prequels on sites like this. I mean the Prequels came out in 1999-2005. That almost 20 years ago now. To kids like me who grew up in in the 2000's, The Prequels was our Star Wars and meant as much to us as the Originals did to 70's/80's kids. Most of those who grew up with the Prequels are also adults now and it's time we had a bigger voice and be allowed to express nostalgia for something we grew up with.Top Five 90s Summer MoviesJul 05, 2017View