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228ArticleraptorI am just in shock that you would say TMNT was overrated. You sir, are grounded from anything retro for a week.Overrated shows from my childhoodJan 29, 2013View
227Articlejprc10Interesting list, still it has shows that I liked lol. I do agree TMNT was overrated. Overrated shows from my childhoodJan 29, 2013View
226VideoFulton4VI miss shows like Family TiesFamily Ties Intro 2Jan 29, 2013View
225ArticleFulton4VI enjoyed Saved By The Bell because I liked Screech. The others were not shows I really watchedOverrated shows from my childhoodJan 29, 2013View
224ArticleraptorI had a cousin who owned Bayou Billy and I traded him straight up for my copy of Bionic Commando only to stick the thing in and discover it would not work. Like, 20 some years later and he still owes me a working game, the chump. Another good list of games man. Good article. Obscure Gaming Legacy Volume 2Jan 28, 2013View
223ArticleraptorThat Vice Project Doom kinda looks like a cross between Streets of Rage and Strider or Contra. Pretty sweet. I enjoyed this one. Obscure Gaming Legacy Volume 1Jan 28, 2013View
222ArticleAceNThaHoleHa! Awesome list of unheard of games Its hilarious how those soccer players are almost identical to the characters in some of their other gamesObscure Gaming Legacy Volume 2Jan 28, 2013View
221ArticleAceNThaHoleThis game is like 10 games in one. I would have begged my parents endlessly for this if I had grown up with a Commodore 64CLASSIC GAMES: Lazy Jones for the Commdore 64Jan 28, 2013View
220ArticleVaporman87I never understood any success had by Captain Planet. Even as a child who did not understand the use of animation to promote environmental policy, it was still lame to me. A lot of arguments can be made for feeling that these other listed shows are overrated as well. But, since I did not really watch any of these religiously, I can't say for sure. Thanks for this pikachulover!Overrated shows from my childhoodJan 28, 2013View
219ArticleBenjanimei never got to see the cartoon all-stars special until a decade later, but i wasn't fond of it either. having the characters sing in their obnoxious voices just bothered me. captain planet was a show that i always felt never needed to be on the air for so long as to how boring it was to me. i know it had a message for the environment, but i don't think we need it to carry on for more than two seasons. all in all, this was an interesting read, and i agree with your points in the showsOverrated shows from my childhoodJan 28, 2013View