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Glover - A Trial and Error Platformer

When Super Mario 64 launched with the Nintendo 64, it paved the way for 3D platformers in the mid to late 1990s. Bringing together elements of prior Mario games along with smooth controls and memorable tunes to back it up, the sometimes wonky camera didn't hold it back very much. Following the release, other gaming mascots eventually got their own 3D platformers, some recognizable, others had brief appearances.


Glover came out in late 1998 from a developer you've probably never heard of, Piko Interactive. The protagonist, going by the same name of the game (and a literal glove with a face) comes to life and must save the Crystal Kingdom by finding crystals scattered throughout different lands, all while having a rubber ball by his side, necessary for finishing a level. If it's destroyed, it's game over.

What makes the game stand out (for better or for worse) are the unique actions to keep the ball with you. You can bounce it, toss it up to a higher platform, and skim around water with it, but there's a learning curve that might take some time getting used to how they work. For example when you're skimming on water with the ball, you're standing on top of the ball, and the controls change for a sense of realism.

The levels and worlds have some basic themes to them like a pirate world, a space world, and an amusement park with enemies fit for the worlds as well, going back to Super Mario 64 it seems like enemy types aren't as inspired as that game, but I suppose for a cartoon game it fits the bill.

While the game has its cutesy looking charm, the game really cranks up the difficulty with tight platforming and unexpected traps that could end up being lives drainers in a playthrough, and to make matters worse, you may be given little room for error on a fidgety platform with a bottomless pit below, and fighting with the camera as a result.

Whereas Super Mario 64 had exploration in its levels, Glover's feels mostly linear, it sounds fine for sure but once you get to the areas where you have to roll your ball with you on narrow paths above death pits, the frustration really begins to settle in.

Just an example of one of the more difficult areas of the game where you have to constantly adjust the camera while being above a bottomless pit.

It's kind of sad too, where a game can hold a lot of promise with its presentation and simple character designs giving it the idea of a game not even for mature audiences, I could already see why the game seemed to flop so hard. The developers wanted to create a game with intriguing mechanics never before seen in a platformer, but the level designs end up being too frustrating as a result along with the controls making its execution poor as a result. I could still see it being a guilty pleasure to some, despite its issues though. Just because a game tries to be different from the pack doesn't mean it could be awful, but maybe you'll want to give it a try for its gameplay.

What are your memories of Glover? Leave a comment, and as always see you next article!

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Looking for more from Benjanime?

Benjanime Posted on Jun 17, 2022 at 04:24 PM


thank you always for your cute support, my love ❤

Julie Posted on Jun 17, 2022 at 04:21 PM

Never played this game before, but I remember it being showed on the gaming magazines of the time. And I agree with you, the game looks cute. ❤

One more article full of charisma, your registered mark, and video gaming passion. I love it from you, my sweet love @Benjanime! ❤❤

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