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Come Get Your Summer: A Day at Seabreeze

Summers as a kid was always fun in one way or another. While I have articles talking about Seabreeze, it's high time that it got an article of its own. Because this theme park not only has a special place in my heart and memories. It is part of a community. So before we begin, some history of the fourth oldest theme park in America, Seabreeze.

Seabreeze opened in 1879 in Rochester New York right by the shore of Lake Ontario as a trolley park then in 1915 it gained it's first attraction, a carousel. Followed by four roller coasters in the 1920s, one of them The Jack Rabbit is still operational. In 1920 they opened what was at the time the world's largest salt water swimming pool which is now a warehouse for the park. During the seventies and eighties the park went through changes such as new and redesigned rides and brought back the water element and made a water park. In the nineties there were new rides such as the Quantum Loop and Screamin' Eagle, however there was also tragedy that hit the community. 

On March 31st 1994 due to workers using a blowtorch to warm up roofing material to have it stick, the building to the carousel caught on fire. While multiple rides and attractions were damaged, they were easily repairable. As for the carousel, it was gone. Out of the forty four horses, only four survived. The local area was devastated when finding out where the black smoke was coming from, generations of people made memories only to have them go up in a black plume of smoke and ash. A new one was made in 1996, the horses being hand carved and the carousel showing pictures of the local area. Letting a new generation, mine included, to experience it. 

Growing up I went here at least two times each summer. So this isn't going to be a list of my favorite rides or my times coming here for summer school like before. This is just my own visits here growing up and some of the treasured memories in it. 

First one I want to bring up though not interesting, but it is pleasant and I'd like to share it. I was with a childhood friend of mine and we had one ride left for the day and we chose Jack Rabbit, the old wooden roller coaster mentioned earlier. I had just finished playing darts for posters and won a Pokemon poster. I had it rolled up and we went on the ride. While going on, we just talked about the day and kid stuff at the time. Something about those moments stick with you for years and I remember it fondly. Though we lost touch, it's something I've kept close with me for years and to this day and will never forget it.

This next one is a bit more fun. This was on a ride called the Seabreeze Flyers which puts you in a box with a giant rudder and it lets you control how high sideways it goes. Well, I hit the jackpot on conditions and managed to get my box to almost a flat angle, I was probably off by a few degrees, but that didn't matter as I almost fell out of my seat. It's rare, but it'll happen in the right conditions. It was like you almost doing a loop on the swings at the playground. Scary, but pretty cool to do and something to really brag about.

This memory is a bit more cruel in terms of my having a bit too much fun with the water cannons at the kid zone. The way this thing is set up is that the water cannons were angled to cross at a certain point at a play place that was in range. Buddy of mine and I were firing away at kids that were dodging them as a game, everyone was having fun. However one of the cannons hit, but at a little kid that was walking by, not getting the game or in it. The kid wasn't happy. We didn't get into trouble, but the kid was crying hard. We thought we were in trouble though and got out of there fast.

This final one involves a carnival game that has you throwing darts at balloons. Now growing up my mom used to play with darts and I would watch her play when I could. Though at home I made holes in the walls, I somehow managed to get all of the balloons and won. Though the saying is "Practice makes perfect" that doesn't come close to the amount of luck it took for me to get that. Still one of my proudest moments.

Growing up things grow on you, it could be a daycation to the local theme park or just spending time with friends there for fun and making memories. This place certainly did for me and I hope later on I'll be able to make more memories with my own children. So from me you you, have a great summer and remember to Live Life and Live Nostalgic. 


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Hoju Koolander Posted on Jun 15, 2018 at 07:54 PM

Lots of hijinks at the ol' Seabreeze it sounds like.

Superman Posted on Jun 15, 2018 at 03:59 PM

I was actually pretty good at that carnival game that involves throwing darts at balloons, too. I remember hitting every target with each throw, and my cousin missed them all. It was one of the few games I was good at.

Vaporman87 Posted on Jun 12, 2018 at 04:36 PM

Sounds like a fun little amusement park with some old-fashioned enjoyment. A perfect spot for making memories.

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