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Top 5 favorite super villains

One of my first articles on this site was my top 5 favorite superheroes and I always meant to follow it up and never got back to it. And since I have not written an article in well over a year this is like my official comeback and I have a lot of articles to write so here we go:



Darkseid is a great villain because he is just cool. His power set is cool, he looks cool, and his motives are villainly  and when your fighting one of the most powerful and iconic super hero teams in comics, you need a villain that is equally powerful. Darkseid fits the bill. I mean whenever he is involved you know it's going to be a long day at the office for our heroes.

4.  https://youtu.be/suW0AOAAnic
    Dr. Doom is a guy who really shouldn't need any explanation but I will give you one anyway. He wrote the book on villainy.
    Become the most feared name in the galaxy - check.
Conquer the world - check,  multiple times. Gain godlike powers - check, many times. He even gave them up because he thought they were beneath him.  He has attained godlike powers and had the Fantastic Four beaten many times, but gave them up because of his ego. 
   But other reasons he makes this list include the fact that he doesn't see himself as a villain and other good guys agree with him. He wants to conquer the world for our own good, and he feels he has to lead mankind to reach it's full potential. Many people who can see the future have backed him up also. His iron will and stubbornness is legendary. He once lost to Mephisto, Marvel's "devil" and was literally burning and would not show one little bit of pain because he didn't want Mephisto to have the pleasure of seeing him in pain.

   I like everything about Stryfe. He looks like a a cross between Shoukahn and the Shredder. He is the evil, genetically altered clone of Cable, raised by Apocalypse.  But unlike Cable, he can use his full power. 
   He is strong enough to lift 10 tons, and he is also faster than most humans. And being from the future, he is up there in the intelligence department as well. But none of that matters  because he has telepathy and telekinesis that are basically limitless. He can shake the moon and trap giant monsters inside the earth. With his mind alone, he can effect the minds of entire planets. Just a cool villain.

   The Joker is one of the most iconic villains in comics. Just about everyone knows who he is. He basically started the killer clown movement, and I hear he is suing Pennywise for gimmick infringement.
   He makes the list because he has done some of the most horrible things, and yet he is really funny. Most of the time his goals are to amuse himself. Sure he will rob a bank but he doesn't care about money or power, he just does what he does for amusement.
   So many different writers and filmmakers have explored this character in different ways, and most of them are great. My favorite version is the Batman TAS version.

   Apocalypse is my favorite. He is a mutant demigod gone mad with power. He is like Stryfe, Darkseid, and Dr Doom all rolled into one character. His goals are like Doom's, only he doesn't want to help everyone. He wants a war where only the strong survive. He has been playing the smartest heroes and villains alike for fools for centuries. In one of his first appearances he pitted the heroes and villains against each other while he pulled the strings from the shadows. And if you are smart enough to see through his manipulations (which took Loki - a genius in his own right and also thousands of years old - centuries to figure out) then you get to fight him. 
   His powers are more like those of Darkseid. He has almost limitless strength, molecular control, size alteration, adaptation, telepathy, telekinesis, energy powers, and teleportation.
   But the biggest reason he tops the list is his dialog. It is epicly villainous.

Well, that does it for my favorite comic book villains list. Please share yours and tell me what you think of mine. 

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