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Casting a Gilligan's Island Remake

Reboot. It's a word that has the ability to extract many emotions from fans. Dread, fear, anticipation, excitement, and so forth, the emotions can range from bad to good, depending on how well you think a beloved franchise from the past can be adapted. Personally, I have a love/hate relationship with reboots or remakes of classics from days gone by. I usually get excited when I hear about a franchise I once enjoyed getting the remake treatment, but the end result more often than not is something that isn't even nearly as good as the original.

There's one television series dear to me that has yet to get a proper remake, and that's going to be the topic of this article. That show is Gilligan's Island. True, the show has been the subject of three reunion movies that gathered most of the original cast back together, two animated series, and a short lived reality show, but it has yet to have a live-action film or television adaptation featuring a set of new actors starring in the roles. Depending on how you look at it, I suppose some may view that as a blessing, but I would like to see a Gilligan's Island remake happen one day. If this hypothetical Gilligan's Island remake were to happen, I've already imagined several actors and actresses who I could picture stepping into the iconic roles of the seven castaways.


This one is the hardest one for me to cast since he is the star. Whoever is cast in the role of Gilligan will set the tone of the entire movie, no matter how good the rest of the cast may be. It would be necessary to cast someone who can handle slapstick humor, but I'm also unsure if casting an actual comedian would be an ideal situation, as I feel that a comedian may overplay the part and turn the movie into a stand-up routine. Rather, I'd cast an actor who has experience with comedy but isn't necessarily a comedian, such as Zachary Levi or Topher Grace. Those two may be getting up there in age to play Gilligan, but I think they could both do the role justice if they were to be cast immediately.

the Skipper

For the Skipper, I think that John Goodman would be the perfect casting. He can handle comedy, and more importantly, has proven that he can be a straight man, an important quality for whoever ends up playing the Skipper. Furthermore, he physically fits the part of the Skipper, something else that's important to me.

The millionaire and his wife

For the roles of the Howells, I think you need a pair more capable of sophisticated comedy. It's also a chance to cast an actor and actress who perhaps have more respect in the acting community. Sally Field comes to mind immediately for me, though she may object to starring in Gilligan's Island given her dislike for her own silly '60s series, The Flying Nun. For Mr. Howell, I think that George Hamilton would be a good choice to complement Sally Field.

the movie star

For the part of Ginger Grant, the gorgeous Scarlett Johansson immediately leaps to my mind as the perfect choice to play a glamorous movie star. She's even proven she looks good with red hair, as evidenced by her role as the Black Widow. The only hitch is that a star of her caliber may be unwilling to participate in a movie where she is so far down on the totem pole in terms of importance. Even so, I think she would make the perfect Ginger Grant, so I'm including her.

the Professor

For the role of the island's most intelligent resident, Scott Foley comes to my mind as a possibility. He's certainly played the part of smart guy before on Felicity. Another actor who I think would be capable is Mark Ruffalo, which would also make for a cool Avengers reunion if both he and Scarlett Johansson were cast in this movie.

Mary Ann

For Mary Ann, you need someone who oozes cuteness and innocence. Taylor Swift, who actually does have some acting experience, might work in the role. If finding someone who had a bit more of an acting past was a priority, though, I could also see Rachel Bilson filling out the role nicely.

Well, that wraps up my ideas for a Gilligan's Island reboot film. In the comments section, let me know if you have any ideas for who would fit the roles of the seven castaways or if you have any other casting ideas for old shows you'd like to see get the reboot treatment.
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Hoju Koolander Posted on Feb 13, 2017 at 10:34 PM

Topher Grace would be a perfect choice for Gilligan, but I think Sally Field doesn't fit the hoity-toity attitude for "Lovey". Maybe someone like Jane Krakowski from Kimmy Schmidt could play a shallow trophy wife to George Hamilton's Thurston Howell III.

Superman Posted on Feb 13, 2017 at 03:56 AM

@Vaporman - I hadn't realized John Goodman had slimmed down until you mentioned it. Good for him!

Vaporman87 Posted on Feb 12, 2017 at 03:56 AM

I think your choices are actually pretty well thought out and selected. I don't know if John Goodman is the right fit anymore though, as he is at bit older and slimmer now. Maybe in his immediate post-Rosanne days he would have been perfect.

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