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Wolverine a Reader's Perspective Part 5

By: NLogan

Wolverine art by Dave Cockrum

Chronological Wolverine facts as revealed to the reader part V

Continuing our journey to know and understand the Wolverine character as was revealed issue to issue, month to month through his publication history. So from a reader's point of view here is Logan's history, who he was, and how and when we learned it.

Apr 1977
X-MEN 104
Writer: Chris Claremont
Penciller: Dave Cockrum

After the hovercraft the X-Men are in gets destroyed they swim ashore (confirming Wolverine knows how to swim) only to encounter a force field that knocks a surprised Colossus down. Wolverine is starting to express concern for his fellow teammates.

For the first time against the X-Men's deadliest foe Magneto master of magnetism the new team doesn't fare well. Wolverine is pulled into a wall by his claws so apparently adamantium can be magnetized and is a ferromagnetic metal alloy.

Believing the new team is outmatched having never trained to face Magneto, Cyclops pulls the team out. Wolverine is not one to run from a fight and is angry about the decision.

Wolverine can definitely hold a grudge and it doesn't hurt that Cyclops is in a relationship with the woman he likes. Bravery in battle is important to Wolverine and to him cowardliness is worse than defeat.

June 1977
Writer: Chris Claremont
Penciller: Dave Cockrum

Against Firelord Galactus' formal herald with power levels comparable to Thor, Wolverine gets blasted twice by his firestaff.

In contrast one blast from Firelord's firestaff took out both Colossus and Cyclops. Proving Wolverine is one tough dude, after the blasts he is still able to speak, and give sarcastic remarks.

Aug 1977
Writer: Chris Claremont
Pencillers: Dave Cockrum and Bob Brown

Wolverine proves that he is crazy by holding a conversation with himself out loud. We learn that Alpha Base has an assault course that Wolverine has trained on in the past. He finds himself a little distracted patting himself on the back and Colossus reluctantly saves his Canadian bacon. Wolverine graciously accepts and thanks Colossus for his help... er, no he is still an arrogant jerk and threatens him.

Wolverine admits through more braggadocio that he really is mad, and that he has killed.

The X-Men find themselves fighting some of the original X-Men Angel, Beast, Iceman, and Marvel Girl as well as a dark version of Professor X as a result of fever dreams of Charles Xavier and the Danger Room itself. Wolverine's senses tell him he is not facing the real thing. But because of Professor Xavier's mind manipulation power coupled with the Danger Room the threat is real and they can attack.

Because of Wolverine's reliance on his heightened senses, when his senses conflict each other it shakes Wolverine's reality and leaves him vulnerable. Professor X teaches him to trust his senses and instincts and forget his belief and what his eyes are telling him to end the conflict.

In the next couple of issues of the X-Men they find themselves on the far side of the galaxy fighting a cosmic battle but before those issues hit the newstands the X-Men return home from that adventure before it is even told, guest starring in the last Iron Fist issue that was published prior.

Sept 1977
Writer: Chris Claremont
Penciller: John Byrne

This is the second time we as readers see the name Logan*. This passage marks the beginning of his transition from a lone wolf who has no friends to a team member who does. Wolverine continues with the crazy man bit talking to himself if only to give the narrator a break. We see he is still infatuated with Jean Grey. In the past Wolverine has had lovers but really no committed relationships at least he says that has always been his way. That is also his third cigarette for those keeping score.

*The first time was in X-MEN 103, established last time in Wolverine a Reader's Perspective IV - NLogan

For the first time we see a major costume change for Wolverine wearing a tan, brown, and black outfit with teeth or claws on it with no explanation of why or where he got it. We will have to wait for the next couple of issues of the X-Men to find out. Wolverine and Iron Fist get engaged in a classic misunderstanding battle and the other X-Men get dragged in as well.

Wolverine remarks that he hasn't been hit like that since he was a kid, clearly he remembers when he was young. He absorbs punishment and just keeps coming.

Iron Fist marvels at Wolverine's stamina and wonders if he ever gets tired. He also mentally compares him to Sabre-tooth whom he fought in the previous Iron Fist issue #14. The costume Wolverine is wearing is very similar to Sabre-tooth's costume, design and color wise, but Iron Fist thinks that Wolverine's sheer animal ferocity reminds him of Sabre-tooth and wonders if there is a connection.

Sabre-Tooth art by John Byrne

Nightcrawler questions Wolverine's judgement on just who is friend or foe knowing that Logan is ready to carve up just about anyone at the drop of a hat, even though he just told them the guy tried to kill him.

Iron Fist fights Wolverine, Nightcrawler, and Colossus and one very irate Storm who arrived at an inopportune time and got creamed literally. Iron Fist tries to bug out to get some back up maybe even the Avengers he thinks but they capture him as it dons on him this has all been a mistake and the fight goes out of him. Wolverine however is not in the mood to talk and extends two of his claws right through Danny Rand's mask.That friends and neighbors is the first time we see Logan's eye color and they appear blue to me.

The fight abruptly ends with the arrival of Jean Grey the Phoenix. After all is cleaned up it sort of evolves into a party with guest appearances by the artist and writer of the book. Danny is sorry about the confusion and it turns out he actually owns the building and calms down the landlord. Logan is volunteered to help repair the damage. That is the first time Logan is shown drinking or in this case wearing a beer.

Wolverine technically next appears in Super-Villain Team-Up 14 Oct 1977 but it is only a cameo in a non-speaking flashback so I won't include it here. We will follow up with the hairy mutant in his own X-Men comics in the coming issues.

Until next time true believers.
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