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Wolverine a Reader's Perspective Part 14

By: NLogan

Art by John Byrne

Chronological Wolverine facts as revealed to the reader part 14

Continuing our journey to understand the Wolverine character as was revealed to the reader issue to issue, month to month through his publication history. So from a reader's point of view here is Logan's history, who he was, and how and when we learned it!

Apr 1980
Writers: Chris Claremont and John Byrne
Penciller: John Byrne

The X-Men regroup from the ambush and capture by the Hellfire Club by traveling to New Mexico, home of the Angel. While there Colossus remarks about the surrounding countryside and Wolverine compares it to the Canadian Rockies. We know he is from the wilderness reaches of Canada, at any rate he has spent time in the Canadian Rockies.

We learn that Wolverine's claws are extended by mental command, which has always been inferred but just now spelled out to us. Wolverine also has some knowledge of electrical power distribution and how to effect a delayed sabotage to the power supply.

We have already learned that Wolverine's best includes moving*, now we learn that it includes being sneaky and/or sabotage.

*See Wolverine's comment, "...because moving is the thing I do best!" during his fight with the Hulk in the Incredible Hulk 181 in Wolverine a Reader's Perspective Part 1 -NLogan

Wolverine is probably referring to his bio-mechanically engineered (presumably) adamantium skeleton* and bionic (presumed) adamantium claws* as well as "being changed"*.

*See Incredible Hulk 181, UNCANNY X-MEN 121 and 126 in Wolverine a Reader's Perspective Parts 1, 10, and 12 -NLogan

Because of his Adamantium skeleton, his bone structure alone can support an incredible amount of weight, add that to his superhuman strength* and Wolverine is capable of lifting quite a bit. He is estimating his weight as tons because of Leland's mass multiplication power. We have seen Wolverine burst chromalloy steel shackles* that appeared to be at least a inch and a half to two inches thick and steel chains* that appeared to be 3/4 to an inch thick, that have a ultimate tensile strength measured in ksi or thousands of psi (pounds per square inch) to fail and break. He was able to concentrate immense force in a relatively small area using leverage to burst them with his wrists. Consider this, typical mild steel has a yield strength of around 40,000 psi or 40 ksi, alloys and tool hardened steel are much higher. I am not saying Wolverine is strong enough to lift that much but I am saying if he is estimating he weighed around 2 tons (4000lbs and getting heavier!) before the floor collapsed he may have been close to correct. Even as his strength gave out his skeleton could have supported it.

*See Uncanny X-Men 98 and 111 in Wolverine a Reader's Perspective Parts 3 and 7 -NLogan

Although floored (literally) Wolverine does not give up the floor does! That shows his indomitable spirit. The floor appears to be stone with wood underneath and he goes through two floors worth plus the foundation and into the underlying tunnel system. I am not a structural engineer but I assume that the structural integrity level for a catastrophic failure load for a floor is several thousand pounds per square inch. He is probably taking up around 72+/- square inches when he was standing assuming around 4 inch wide soles of his feet by about 9 inches long. That is around 55.55 psi or 7,920 lbs per square foot (he is taking up about half a square foot when standing) or about 4000lbs distributed over the area he is standing on. Average loads for a standard office floor would be around 2000 lbs evenly distributed over 2 1/2 feet minimum or for a garage floor it would be 2000 lbs for 20 square inches minimum to pass building inspections. To collapse those floors it would be like the weight of the water pressure (atmospheres = 1 every 33 feet) on something deep sea diving at a depth of nearly 500 feet or 2236.52 psi that would easily kill a normal person or about half what would crush a WWII submarine. Normal atmosphere pressure at surface level is 14.6959 psi for those who were wondering. If you are a mechanical engineer, structural engineer, or mathematician feel free to correct me. I am typing this up at night and I am kinda tired and math was never my strong suit (mortal enemy/deadly weakness i.e. kryptonite more like it). Anyways, suffice to say Wolverine is a tough/strong dude to withstand that pressure even for a moment.

May 1980
Writers: Chris Claremont and John Byrne
Penciller: John Byrne

Nothing new here to report your honor, I move to have it striken from the record. Negative counselor, the picture is cool, shows how good Wolverine is at hide and seek, and it is establishing the caliber of the foes Wolverine is about to waste, motion denied!

Wolverine is a skilled warrior and tactician blending each move continuously into the next one as he dodges and decimates the enemy. We also add to the list of what he does best (see above in Uncanny X-Men 132). The list now includes taking out multiple elite armed and highly skilled adversaries with ease.

Apparently these "elite" mercenaries don't know the difference between cover and concealment. Cover is a protective barrier between you and the shooter that will stop or deflect the bullets (concrete wall or large boulder for example). Concealment is only protection from being seen, bullets will pass right through it and still hit the target (like those cardboard boxes covering up Wolverine or the wooden crates in the room).

Wolverine is fast enough to dodge a burst from an automatic weapon. We also learn that Wolverine's adamantium claws can slice through vanadium steel (especially hard steel alloy used for tools and surgical equipment). Wolverine uses psychology to intimidate and unnerve his opponent into surrendering so he can take him captive.

He proves what he said that five meters isn't much distance for him to cover, he does it in a single leap and lifts the man overhead with one arm while threatening with his claws. He has used the threat of bodily harm as an interrogation technique before in Uncanny X-Men 111 and King-Sized Annual X-Men 3. He mentally compares how he has changed since the old days.

Wolverine states he is the best there is at scrappin' or being sneaky, he isn't conceited or egotistical at all. Check out that smug grin when he thinks it.

Wolverine can be caught unawares in spite of his enhanced senses when he is busy daydreaming, scheming, feeding his ego, mooning over frails, or thinking about love*.

*As we saw happen in Uncanny X-Men 120. See Wolverine a Reader's Perspective Part 10 -NLogan

Good thing he has the reflexes to make up for it.

Wolverine exercises discretion against a lethal threat (well to most people) of multiple attackers armed with cudgels. I guess they are lucky he has mellowed since joining the X-Men. He also recognizes the need to prevent future problems by avoiding the easy solution of dispatching them with his claws. He uses a palm heel strike to the throat which is definitely indicative of martial arts training (Iron Fist called it a bear's paw thrust when he used it on Wolverine back in Iron Fist 15*) as is the Ippon-seoi-nage cross-arm variation one-arm Judo throw that he threw the guard with that got the jump on him. Wolverine has the strength to throw from the wrist instead of pulling the arm drag and underhooking the shoulder, and did it without stepping back although the action swoosh clearly shows the guard getting thrown over Wolverine's shoulder. There are just two panels to estimate the type of throw; the set up and the guard already in the air so if it is Ippon-seoi-nage it is a variation from the normal left hand secure right arm, pull to underhook with right arm, reverse hips, over the shoulder toss method. Cyclops as X-Men readers are aware is well versed in Judo, we know that other X-Men have mentioned Cyclops showing them Judo such as Colossus did in Uncanny X-Men 121. Perhaps Wolverine also learned some Judo from Cyclops or he was already trained in it before maybe during his time as a punk kid in Japan.

*See Wolverine a Reader's Perspective Part 5 -NLogan

June 1980
Writers: Chris Claremont and John Byrne
Penciller: John Byrne

What a bea-u-ti-ful brawl!

We already saw Wolverine's increased mass take him through several floors so ouch that's gotta hurt for tubby.

Wolverine said he was the best at being sneaky, I guess he is a man of his word. His attitude and respect for Cyclops has changed dramatically, even though he may still not like the guy.

As the X-Men bug out so will I. Until next time true believers.
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