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TDitH's Favorite Holiday Ads and Bumpers

It's that time of year again, Time to break out the eggnog, blankets, lights and Christmas trees once again. So what I'm doing this year is another ad list, though like the title says this is for my favorite Christmas/holiday ads. This is a favorites list so if a popular or memorable one isn't on here then it isn't a favorite of mine. I'm including bumpers in this list as well. So grab some eggnog or hot cocoa, curl up with a blanket and let's get this started.

Hershey Kisses

A simple little ad that has been remade a few times. I also enjoy the bit of creativity it has with them assembled as a Christmas tree, setup like it's a group of carolers and that the candies are being used like bells. It gets you in the mood for the holiday spirit with something simple, yet memorable. This was on for quite a long time growing up and has gotten a re-mastered version to still be up to date, yet still provide the same magic.

Coca -Cola Holidays Are Coming

A classic in it's own right, this ad has a great visual setup and the music has a great build up as the video corresponds with the music to make it that much better. A train of Coca-Cola trucks with the music playing as everything magically becomes holiday oriented with lights and ornaments. Overall, a well made ad to help you get into the holiday spirit. Also, at this point Coca-Cola goes hand in hand with the holidays. 

McDonald's Runaway Ad

This ad is a classic and always gets a warm feeling from me. While not holiday oriented, this was always played during the season. It reminds you that there are always good things at home and that family is always there for you. The setting is nice and it's one of those ads where they aren't pushing food in it and just doing something for the holiday even if it isn't about them.

Folger's Coming Home Ad

Again with heart warming ads, This one focuses more on coming home for the holidays and family. It's a sweet little ad. It tells a short story in a minute and you don't need to know much to know what is going on or what is about to happen. Another reminder of what the holidays are about. 

M&Ms Santa Ad

Short, simple and funny, that's all this ad is and all it needed to be. They play with the Santa character and the M&Ms characters as well when it comes to questioning each other's existence. The build up was short and the payoff is just as good as the setup. 

Kid's WB Christmas Bumper

I've always liked Kids WB bumpers because of their serial nature and how they make their own little world and make it a bit believable. What I like about this one is that they have the characters singing along and together which brings out the unity the holidays stand for. 

That's it for this year, I hope you enjoyed this nice, yet short trip down memory lane with me when it comes to ads. Hope you all have a Happy Holiday, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, also remember to Live Life and Life Nostalgic. 

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echidna64 Posted on Dec 02, 2015 at 10:41 PM

These are great! My favorite is the Campbell's soup melted snowman commercial

ThatDudeintheHoodie Posted on Dec 01, 2015 at 04:42 PM

It was the first one I thought of when I wanted to do a fast food ad.

Vaporman87 Posted on Dec 01, 2015 at 03:38 PM

These are all great, classic ads (I didn't watch Kid's WB, so I can't speak for that one). I was actually surprised by the McDonald's choice though. I was expecting the one with Ronald and the kids skating on the pond. That one was always the McDonald's ad I associated with Christmas. I don't even remember the one chosen here. Even so, it was nice to see a different ad from McD's with the same basic holiday premise.

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