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What I Miss From Childhood

Being an adult sucks sometimes.  Watching things from the past slowly going away makes me sad.  There are many characters from restaurants, places I used to go and things I used to do that are now gone and are just a memory.  Today I want to talk about them.

The McDonald Land Gang

Ronald McDonald is still here but where are his buddies; Mayor McCheese, Birdie, Hamburgler, Grimace and the rest of the gang?  Since McDonald’s has been going the "hipsters" route they have gotten rid of the iconic gang and it sadness me.  I used to love going into McDonalds and seeing all the colorful characters lined up on the walls being playful.  It made me happy no matter how old I was. Parents had to complain that McDonald's was advertising too much to kids and it was making them fat, but if you really paid attention to the McDonald Land Gang they were always activate and moving.  They were not lazy.  Plus on top of that there was always McDonald's Play Land that kept kids active which I miss as well.  I had two very active birthdays parties at McDonald’s as well.

Burger King Kids Club

Another fast food gang, the Burger King Kids Club was always fun.  A group of kids with their dogs made up this group.  There was Wheels, J.D., Kid Vid, Snaps and more.  They were a fun bunch with fun commercials.  Kids were allowed to join the club and got gifts on their birthdays.  I really don’t know why Burger King fazed them out but I do miss them.  I remember being out in Reno, NV and in my kid’s meal getting a sports bottle modeled after one of the Kids Club members which I still have till this day.  I also had my 4th birthday party at Burger King which wasn’t the world's greatest party, but oh well, still great food.

Discovery Zone

I miss Discovery Zone so much. When Discovery Zone closed my childhood went with it.  Miles upon miles of brightly colored tubing with tons of colored balls. I could spend hours in there, happy as a lark.  One of my favorite slides was always the roller slide which my mom always hated because it always left my legs bruised, but hey, I was kid and I didn’t care.  I always loved the bungee room. It was always fun climbing on the cords and bouncing around.  Funny story about the bungee room, when my mom first heard they were putting a bungee room in she literally thought they were going to let kids bungee jump.

One of the reasons Discover Zone failed was pricing.  I remember hearing my mom complain about how high it was getting to take me to Discovery Zone.  She would rather take me to McDonald's and play at times.  She still, however, made sure to have at least 2 of my birthday parties there.

These are just the tips of the iceberg for me.  The ones that sit right at the fore front of my mind and bring back a lot of memories for me.  I hope you enjoyed the memories and rants (lol). 
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DirtyD79 Posted on Nov 18, 2015 at 07:06 AM

This one Burger King I used to work at back in 2003 still has the Burger King Kids Club stuff up over in their Play Land or whatever you want to call it. Personally I miss the old McDonald's playland. When I was a kid this one we used to always go to had those booths that looked like a train. It was even more cool because the restaurant was across the street from some train tracks so you could watch trains go by while you ate. They also had those Fry Kid bouncy things, the slide with that pirate dude on top, and that Officer Big Mac climbing thing. The mouth formed bars like a little jail cell and you could jump out of this one gap. I remember as a kid thinking it was like a zillion miles high and then being surprised how small it was when I was a teenager. I also remember people used to write graffiti inside there. The typical stuff like "For a good time call blah blah blah." or anarchy symbols.

I gotta agree McDonald's and most fast food places these days just look lame. Boring box shaped buildings with decor straight out of a hospital waiting room. Just no imagination.

Poshy2005 Posted on Nov 16, 2015 at 07:51 PM

That is cool to hear.

Vaporman87 Posted on Nov 16, 2015 at 03:24 PM

With regard to the Burger King Kids Club, there is a Burger King about 25 minutes away from me with a play zone that features several of the Kids Club gang. It is a nice reminder of what used to be. That Burger King isn't very old, so they made a choice to deck it out in properties that have been gone for a while. It's nice.

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