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My 6th Birthday Party

This is my most memorable birthday - November 20 1995.

I remember getting up and asking my mom if I could stay home from school since it was my birthday and I had only missed like 2 days all year. But, she said no. I kind of had my feelings hurt because it didn't seem like anyone was making a big deal about my birthday, and as a kid your birthday is a huge deal. You expect people to get excited. But I was off to school and didn't even get a happy birthday yet.

So I went in and at school they gave me a card and a pencil and sang the happy birthday song.  Me and my best friend had our daily debate about who would win in a fight that morning. It was about my friend's favorite action figure,  E. Honda from Street Fighter, against my favorite at the time, Thing from Fantastic 4. I still think it is obvious that tubby's 1,000 sissy slaps would do pretty much nothing to the Thing's rock-like hide. Sorry but busting up a single car is not too impressive to a guy who can rip buildings in half.

Anyway, we also discussed who would win in the big match. The 20th landed on a Monday and for any wrestling fan, you knew that meant WWF Raw, and more importantly to me at the time, WCW Monday Nitro. The big match was Sting, my all time favorite wrestler vs. Hulk Hogan, my friend's favorite wrestler.  And I was sure Sting was going to put that balding dinosaur in his place. This was their first match that often gets overlooked. The Starcade '97 match had way more build up because it was on WCW's big PPV of the year. But this match I liked better. They were both still good guys and that made it far more interesting to me.
We will get back to the outcome of that match later, because the discussion was interrupted. I was called out to go home, but I was thinking it's like 3 hours early. Why would they come this early?  When I got in the car everyone acted normally except my brother Dan, who drove the family everywhere at the time because he was the only one at the house with a driver's licence. He didn't stop at the local gas station to get his pizza or the Hardies to get my milkshake which at this point had become a regular part of the school day. Whenever he picked me up from school we would always do that or go into town and get Wendy's. Yet somehow I was skinny until high school. Amazing isn't it?

But anyway, of course the whole time we would be listening to Rush Limbaugh. Whenever you rode with my brother you listened to Rush unless it was at night, then it was Art Bell. I liked Art Bell, but Rush bored me to tears. I got side tracked-none of that happened on this day. Instead we went straight home. But, when we got there I saw my birthday cake and the house was decorated like I had never seen it before. My mom was never big on decorations for anything except Christmas, because they meant more clean up. But there were balloons everywhere.

My room had the biggest changes. I had a helicopter flying around my ceiling and i was amazed by this because i had not seen one of these before (this is the closest picture I could find to it)
We had McDonald's for lunch, and my brother and I played with my Power Rangers action figures. Then I got to watch all my favorite cartoons (Eek the Cat, Terrible Thunder Lizards, Animaniacs, Batman the Animated Series, and X-men the Animated Series). The rest of my brothers and sisters got home and we played outside the rest of the day. Finally, it was time for the big match.

In all my excitement I didn't sleep too good the night before, so I fell asleep before the big match happened. Well, actually, right in the middle.  It would be years before I saw that match, but I was right. Well, at least it looked that way until the bad guys broke it up. But despite missing my favorite match, this was still my most memorable birthday and one of the best. 
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comic_book_fan Posted on Jan 15, 2015 at 07:42 PM

i mean the burgers are smaller and they raised prices i remember when you could get a single with cheese for like a buck but i guess every fast food burger place has done this but Wendy's do still make the best burger in fast food.

Vaporman87 Posted on Jan 15, 2015 at 06:14 PM

@cbf: I can say that I do miss having a Wendy's salad bar, and that ever since the "Where's The Beef" campaign, the size of the burgers has decreased quite a bit. Food quality though, is still high if you ask me. Especially with the introduction of some of their new gourmet buns.

comic_book_fan Posted on Jan 15, 2015 at 03:30 PM

yeah they were just making it a surprise.
they figured making me go to school that day gave them time to set it up and get all the presents they figured it would make me appreciate it more and they were right that's the biggest reasons i remember it so well.
even though i found rush boring i listen to him sometimes and go to wendy's at around the same time we would go when i was a kid.
anybody else noticed that wendy's food quality has went down hill over the last few years.

Vaporman87 Posted on Jan 14, 2015 at 07:46 PM

Yeah. I agree with Hoju. It was nice that in the end, they had you on their minds the whole time. You just didn't know it yet.

Yeesh, if I could count how may times I had to listen to Rush Limbaugh in our vehicle, it would blow your mind. LOL. I prefer Wilkow now to Rush, but back in the day, Rush was THE voice on the radio if you were conservative. I REALLY don't like Hannity. He annoys the crap out of me. I'd listen to Thom Hartman (big lib) before I would listen to Hannity. LOL. Actually, I kind of enjoy listening to Thom Hartman even though I am arguing with him through my radio most of the time. He's intelligent and makes a good case for his incorrect political views ;).

Hoju Koolander Posted on Jan 14, 2015 at 07:00 PM

Sounds like you had a pretty awesome older brother to hook you up with fast food and talk radio. My dad and I tuned into "El Rushbo" and "Art Bell" through many travels in the car while snacking on junk food (I WASN'T skinny UNTIL high school).

I think the best part of your story is that your family really made the day about you. All your favorite activities were crammed into one massive celebration. Very cool.

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