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Buttons and Pins!

By: MissM

What is it about a decorative button or pin that can seem like such a magical item? Stick an image from our collective pop culture conscience on a needle and it is something special. Just don’t poke that needle through my clothes. I may be one to go gaga over fun buttons and pins, but I’ve never been one to actually wear them on my clothes. Why would anyone want to voluntarily poke holes in their clothes? Either way, let’s look at some fun retro pins and buttons that have managed to stick with me through all these years.


Book It!


I adored this button growing up. It was part of a school book club program courtesy of Pizza Hut where after reading five books and receiving five star-shaped stickers, the student would get to participate in a personal pan pizza for lunch. This was the greatest book club ever. Not only did we get a cool button with lenticular design on it, but we also got pizza for reading books. There is nothing better than getting rewarded for something you already love doing. I read so many books and got to eat so much pizza. The image on the button is cool too. There are planets, stars, and a rainbow. All on one button!


More Rainbows


I do not know the exact origin of this button, but it is one that I have had since I was little. Either way it is old and the image adds a great deal of color and whimsy to a simple round button. The wish on the button also sounds like a nice thing to say to someone. I don’t wish you just one rainbow, but a thousand. Remember what it was like to see a rainbow in the sky? I still smile when I see one as an adult, but it was such a thrilling experience to behold as a kid.


Taco Bell


I don’t eat much Taco Bell these days, but I went enough back in the day to warrant owning this Taco Bell button. I love the retro logo of Taco Bell. Actually logos are always fun to look at, especially the ones from the 80’s. This has been said before, but I really wish a publishing house would release a book containing all the great logos from various decades pertaining to all kinds of items and places that pop culture enthusiasts know and love. Or I could just look them up on the Internet and print them out for a binder. That sounds pretty sad huh? Either way, Taco Bell wanted to be known as the burger detour; an advertising claim that many non-burger fast food joints would try and mimic throughout the years.


Scooby Doo, Where Are You?


Purchased at the tail end of the 90’s, this Scooby Doo pin was a fun piece not so much for the character of Scooby Doo, but more so for the dangling pizza slice on his mouth. (What is it with pizza and me lately?) The pizza charm adds a level of cuteness to Scooby that I did not think was possible.


Nintendo Power!


It is very interesting how Nintendo has been a present force in our collecting minds for so long. We may still talk about Sega this and Atari that, but Nintendo has managed to create items that have continued to sell in one form or another for decades. The Princess pin was from the 80’s when Peach went by Princess Toadstool. The coloring for the enamel is still bright and shows the Princess in her most notable pose.


The other pin pictured above was a special pin. Team Power was a nice gift for subscribing to the now extinct Nintendo Power magazine. I lived for Nintendo Power magazine. The imaginative covers and invaluable tips found on the inside of the magazine were the perfect way to spend many days. Many memories are still associated with these two Nintendo pins. Nintendo Power magazine was one of the greats and it is sad that the magazine is no longer around.


The Simpsons


A giant button! Oh my goodness I love these huge buttons. The Simpsons have ebbed and flowed in their commercialism, but that first major push for Simpsons products was truly a magical time. I remember walking into a K-Mart and they had this section full of Simpsons collectible items. T-shirts. Hats. Humongasized buttons! It was 1989 and no one had a clue just how deep the Simpsons would run in our pop culture veins. I get a kick out of this giant button each and every time I look at it. These giant buttons were obnoxious and awesome at the same time. The whole family is there and right in the middle is Bart, with all his mischievousness on display.


Also, buttons this big came with a piece to push out and display as a photo. This pin had many different purposes. One could even use the giant button as a Frisbee. Though why I would want to do that is beyond me. Such a fun item though!


Buttons and pins have always been a unique way for collectors to connect with their favorite properties. I hope that these items have brought up some fun retro-tastic memories for you. Do you collect any pins or buttons? There are more in my collection, and I hope to share some soon. Take care everyone!





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Quiggy Posted on Mar 05, 2016 at 10:45 PM

I still have my Burger Detour button. Kept it for over 30 years. Wonder if the damn thing is worth anything...?

Vaporman87 Posted on Mar 25, 2014 at 02:31 PM

If my school would have given away pizza just for reading, I would be a book worm now. I lived for the day pizza was served at school, but to have them serve me an actual pizza from a place like Pizza Hut, well... that would have been plenty of motivation.

The second button is probably something nobody would give to anyone nowadays unless you were trying to politely tell them that you think they're gay.

I do like that Taco Bell logo button. I don't remember seeing any "Burger Detour" promotional stuff, but I think it could be effective even today.

Of course the Nintendo items are very cool, along with Scooby Doo. I never did figure out why Princess Toadstool was changed to Princess Peach.

Great stuff Miss M.

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