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Toy Talk with Miss M: Fashion Preview!

By: MissM

Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen, toys and dolls, today’s Toy Talk will be featuring a special look at fashions for 2014! Now get ready, here comes Miss M with special guest, Kermit the Frog!

Miss M walks out with Kermit the Frog full of smiles.


Miss M: Hi everyone! Welcome to an all new edition of Toy Talk! Today’s show is a special one. We’re going to be looking at the year ahead and what we’ll all be wearing! This special fashion show is so jam packed, I needed help. With me today is none other than the greatest frog to ever live: Kermit the Frog!


Kermit: Hi Miss M. It’s really nice to be here. I have to say, you look lovely.


Miss M: Aww. Thank you Kermit.


Kermit: Well it’s the truth.


Miss M: I think you look wonderful. I love that you came dressed in a suit!


Kermit: This is a special occasion. Fashion is important. I’m usually not wearing much, but I wanted to look nice for you. I’m also used to this sort of pace.

Miss M: That’s right. The Muppet Show. Well, I know this show will never hold a torch to your show, but I hope you will still have fun.


Kermit: (nods) I’m sure I will.


Miss M: Great. Well, let’s go ahead and start with some Hot Toy Topics!


Miss M and Kermit head over to the couch to dish on all the toy gossip.


Miss M: I got so much mail in the inbox about the last show. We were on in November and took some time off in December. For those just tuning in, I interviewed Chris Redfield and, well, the entire interview became a nightmare filled with zombies and other terrifying creatures. I just have to say though, it was all staged.


Kermit: (nods) Really? I saw that show, it looked really scary.


Miss M: I know. My producers wanted to up the game for November sweeps and what better way than to have the show become a real life Resident Evil sequel? I must say though, Chris and Jill both were just the best. They really made it so believable! And that one moment where the spider spit up slimy baby spiders at me... Totally real. That part was not scripted.


Kermit: That’s really gross Miss M.


Miss M: Tell me about it. I must have had every doctor in the area giving me every kind of shot known to mankind. I had no idea what could happen to me with all that grody goo on me! (shakes off the memories) Anyways, let’s move on to our next topic. Gotham Authorities have finally captured Poison Ivy. She had a laundry list of crimes that date back to 1997 and could even go back further. Toy Talk was there while she was getting arrested, and managed to get this comment:


Poison Ivy: I’ve done nothing wrong! All I’ve ever wanted was to preserve this planet! You fools are destroying this world. And how do you expect Ben Affleck to portray that aloof Batman? Everyone knows that I starred with the greatest Batman to ever live! Please, George, if you can hear this, help me! Don’t let them lock me up in Arkham! I can’t go back there!


Miss M: I mean, I just can’t. What is she even talking about? Who in the world is Ben Affleck? Why would he be portraying Batman? More importantly, when she mentioned this mysterious George person, was she actually outing the vigilante superhero? Is it possible that Batman’s real identity is that of some man named George?


Kermit: Sounds like a mystery Miss M.


Miss M: It certainly does. Obviously her comment was part of the ramblings of a madwoman. Arkham Asylum is right where she needs to be. Don’t worry fans; Toy Talk will keep you updated on any future news on this story. So Kermit, I have to ask you something…


Kermit: (stares into Miss M’s eyes) Y-y-yes Miss M?


Miss M: Are you ready for the fashion show?


Kermit: (sighs) Sure. Sounds great.


Miss M: All right! Our first model is sporting what will be the outfit for everyday wear. Zarana come on out!


Miss M: Zarana is wearing a post modern look on punk rock chic. The key to this outfit is the hot pink. You want this to be a statement piece for day wear. Folks need to see you coming a mile away. Scowl not included!


Kermit: Yeah, she looks pretty… umm… tough.


Miss M: Hey Zarana, let us see your side leg for a second.


Miss M: See ladies, this is what you do: get some hot pink leggings and wear them under your tattered jeans! Instant roughness. Why this look just screams, “I fight people at five in the morning at the local bar in town.” Great fashion for 2014! Let’s move along!


Miss M: Ladies are not the only ones in need of a new fashion makeover for 2014! Men are dabbling with fashion too. Let’s look at Irvine. Western wear is back in a big way for 2014. Don’t you agree Kermit? It’s a bit, East meets Western wear.


Kermit: Umm… yeah… Cowboy hats are interesting.


Miss M: They sure are. Irvine brings just the right amount of rugged chic appeal that I think men are going to eat up. However, there is more for men and day wear. I really think 2014 will be the year of male fashion. Bring out our next model!


Miss M: Ok, so the muscles may not be every man, but those lavender skinny pants are! That’s right, 2014 is going to be the year that men bust out their maroon velour vests and tight lavender pants! If Prince Adam can do it, you all can! He’s, like, royalty. Right Kermit?

Kermit: (gulps) Oh, I don’t know Miss M. That outfit might be a lot to wear.


Miss M: Well what could possibly be too much about it?


Kermit: Oh I don’t know, maybe the velour vest.


Miss M: Yeah. I think that might be a bit much. Perfect for the change into Spring though! Ok, let’s check out our next model.


Miss M: Don’t get it twisted; Commander William T. Riker is actually wearing a nice fashion ensemble with strategically placed rips. 2014 is bringing back the distressed look, especially for men. This isn’t your distressed look from yesteryear. Think more like, Sci-Fi battle damaged distress. As if at any moment your ship might get a tear and you’ll be sucked into space quicker than a Sandra Bullock movie! I also think for the first time in history, men will be showing off skin! Also, for the facial hair enthusiasts, the sky is the limit!


Kermit: (looks closely at Riker) He looks like Miss Piggy got a hold of him.


Miss M: Oh, how are you and Miss Piggy?


Kermit: (gulps) She doesn’t know I’m here. No one really watches this show, do they?


Miss M: I’m so sorry Kermit, but we’re on all over the world.


Kermit: (gulps)


Miss M: Maybe we should move on to the next model. Since so many of us will hopefully be going on vacations this year… (whispers to Kermit) fingers crossed that I make it to the Crystal Falls soon (ends whisper) let’s check out some resort wear!


Miss M: Teela is wearing the ultimate warrior goddess swimsuit that can be worn on a yacht, beach, or in battle against evil warriors. I love the gold detailing. She looks like a goddess, and you can too in this glorious ensemble.


Kermit: (gulps in nervousness with all that body on stage) Did you hear something?


Miss M: (shakes her head) No. I don’t think so.


Kermit: Ok. I thought I heard a low growl form off stage…


Miss M: Oh, I got ya. Like a certain ravishing glamour diva?


Kermit: Miss M, stop saying that. Her ears are everywhere…


Miss M: All right. Well the show is almost over. We have two more fashions to show for 2014 and they are both going to fall into the evening wear category! Let’s bring out our first evening wear model: Lord Dread!


Miss M: I just love when someone has the word Lord in their title. It just sounds luxurious. As is that purple cape! I want everyone to know that they heard it here first; men will be donning full length capes for evening events in 2014. It will be so commonplace. I think there is something splendid and slightly mysterious about a sweeping cape. Not to mention a weird looking cyber eye patch.


Kermit: (looks closely at Dread) Is that his real chest?


Miss M: Oh no sweetheart. That’s just a good chest plate. All right, it is time for our final model! Let’s take a look at the latest trend in evening wear for women!


Miss M: That’s right ladies; spooky chic is going to be the living end for high fashion at night! A slight musty smell and bad juju is all you need to make the greatest evening possible. I also love her Elvis hair.


Kermit: Gosh, I don’t know Miss M. She looks kinda evil.


Miss M: Oh that’s just Mysteria. She lives for that whole Whatever Happened to Baby Jane look.


Kermit: I think I know what that means. (nods quickly) Yeah. I think I do.


Miss M: Well, it is time to bring out all the models! Ladies and gentlemen, this is the face of fashion for 2014! I know this because I read the fashion magazines closely and what can I say? I just know a lot. So a big thanks to all these models, you all did a great job.


Kermit: Yeah. (nods) You all looked great.


Miss M: And of course I have to give a big thanks to Kermit the Frog. I am so happy that you stopped by and helped host this show.


Kermit: The pleasure was all mine Miss M. I enjoy getting to spend time with you. (gulps at what he just said) Can you make sure to edit that part out?


Miss M: Of course! I totally understand, we wouldn’t want to upset Miss Piggy. (looks towards the camera person and shakes her head with the meaning that the film keep rolling.)


Miss M: All right, well we are out of time! That’s it for another edition of Toy Talk with Miss M, and we will see you next time! (pauses) Hmm, now I think I can hear Miss Piggy back stage…


Kermit: (gulps) Great.


Miss M: (waves goodbye quickly) Take care everyone!






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MissM Posted on Jan 22, 2014 at 05:42 AM

LOL! There is nothing insane about wearing a cape. lol I loved that. I hope that you are doing well. : )

Vaporman87 Posted on Jan 12, 2014 at 04:17 AM

LOL. I love this line: Why this look just screams, “I fight people at five in the morning at the local bar in town.”

Also, I am so glad to hear that full length capes will be in this year, because I was really worried that my doing so this past week was scaring some of my fellow workers. It's good to know I'm just "ahead of the curve", and not "insane" or "losing it". Am I?

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