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Tales of a Picky Eater

From one gross looking food to another, it's difficult to grow to like a food when you're in your youth. Does that stew look appetizing? no? How about that steak with onions over there? didn't think so. We've all shared the same experience, so today I'll be talking about some of the foods that I did and didn't get around to liking over the years, which I'd like to call...

Sweet potatoes

As a kid, this delicacy baffled me the most. "why does it look like dry, damp clumps of canned dog food?" I asked myself as I looked at it during my first family dinner gathering. I knew better than to say that out loud become I'm sure I'd have gotten whooped over the harsh criticism.

School lunch pizzas

I'm probably going to get some flack for this, but I actually did hate those little rectangular pizzas that were served during breakfast and lunch. Eating topping pizza for dinner at home quickly grew on me, and to be reduced to eating just plain cheese pizza at school felt bland and unnecessary. Some of these pizzas came with tiny cube shaped sausages but it still wasn't enough for me to like them.

Stuffed peppers

I would eventually grow to love some foods involving peppers, but I just couldn't wrap my head around the giant stuffed ones with meat and tomato sauce inside. Thankfully for me this was one of those rare dinner meals that my mom cooked, but sometimes I went out of my way to feed a tiny bit of it to my dogs from under the table when I was the only one left in the kitchen to eat.

Deviled eggs

Aside from the stuffed peppers, deviled eggs were another food with a pepper ingredient that I wasn't fond of. Add that to the fact that I actually dislike mustard and you have a double reason for me to hate a food. Don't get me wrong it looks great to eat, it's just another thing I couldn't bring myself to continue eating.

Brussels sprouts

If you want to hear something truly weird, I was one of the few kids who actually didn't mind cabbages or broccoli. Brussels sprouts were fine to me for a time, but my older brother ruined it by telling me that they come from another planet, hence why they're so tiny compared to cabbages and it took me a long while to start liking them again.

Seeded bread

On occasion my mom would use this kind of bread for certain dinner sandwiches and, I just couldn't bring myself to get used to it. Just the thought of getting those tiny dotted seeds stuck in my teeth while trying to enjoy a meal felt unsettling to me. So what did I do? try to pluck out every seed I could feel for and eat the sandwich while I would just pray no more of them left in the bread.

Steak and onions

Blugh, probably my most hated dinner meal. Much like how I preferred topping pizza over regular cheese pizza, I felt like it was always necessary to have sauce with my steak, and just sticking with its almost flavorless meat added with chopped or ringed onions had me making faces at the table in detest.

Well everyone that wraps up this odd list of disliked foods. I probably forgot a few more from my childhood but to me the ones I listed were the most disliked in my opinion. See you again soon!
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Superman Posted on Apr 18, 2018 at 03:09 PM

My cousin was the picky eater in my family. I was always a bit more adventurous in what I ate. Strangely, I loved those school pizzas but wouldn't touch the pizza my grandmother once ordered with green peppers and mushrooms as toppings. I was used to sausage or pepperoni at the time. Veggies on a pizza just seemed weird to me.

pikachulover Posted on Mar 31, 2018 at 04:23 AM

I was another kid who didn't like school pizza. When I first saw it on my tray I was like "What is this?" I thought I was going to get a slice like from a round pizza. I tasted horrible. I tried it once in Kindergarten and never again. I never understood why the kids at school went so crazy for that pizza. We also had the variation "French Bread Pizza" too. It was just a long roll with some melted cheese and some meat on top of it.

The school lunches I liked to eat were; hamburgers, rib sandwiches (school's knockoff mcrib), chicken sandwich, chicken nuggets, baked chicken, baked turkey, teriyaki chicken and sometimes spaghetti.

I don't like a bunch of weird stuff in my deviled eggs. Only egg, mayonnaise and salt.

Rick Ace Rhodes Posted on Mar 27, 2018 at 04:33 PM

I'm with you. I hated those school pizza lunches. It was terrible tasting in my humble opinion.

Benjanime Posted on Mar 27, 2018 at 05:26 AM

i actually have had a project in the works for this year, being a collab with a friend of mine and myself, but it hasn't been decided whether i'll be doing it as literature with illustrated chapters, or just a full blown comic with the plot being about a half human/half wolf and her friends on a journey to find a rare flower. it will have a feel similar to the 2003 teen titans cartoon where it has lighthearted humor in some moments and action in others.

jkatz Posted on Mar 27, 2018 at 03:11 AM

That header image cracked me up. You should consider doing a webcomic, if you haven't already.

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